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New and innovative technology is consistently advancing our society and the manufacturing industry is no different. IoT technology is a no-brainer when it comes to improving the efficiency and results of building and creating new products. JACS has the tablets, touch displays, accessories, and customization services to help business get more done.

Manufacturing environments, both indoor and outdoor, are some of the harshest around. JACS Solutions recognizes this with our Rugged Tablets. JACS’ Rugged Tablets feature impressive performance and specs with a tough exterior to do more and worry less. We can also integrate our customized smart device solutions with existing systems with our one-stop-shop services.

JACS Solutions Tablets & Displays Are Perfect For:

Asset Tracking & Monitoring
Collaboration Tools
Project Management
Interdepartmental Communication
Data Logging
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The JACS Approach

Hardware Customization

We can help custom build the mobile tablets, smartphones, large screen displays, dongles, and accessories for manufacturing business needs with our Hardware Customization services. Customize a number of product specifications including modes of connectivity (cellular, Wi-Fi, or PoE), operating system (Android or Windows), memory, processing power, camera, ports, and more.
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Firmware Customization

JACS Solutions Firmware Customization services begin with locking down the enterprise applications at the operating system (OS) level. This not only provides businesses with better security but also longer product lifecycles. We can then add and remove the apps of choice to and from devices, modify Android system settings, create a custom OS launcher, and deliver a configuration-free deployment.
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Keep the Workforce Nimble and Responsive

Mobile workforce management solutions from JACS Solutions keeps projects on time and under budget. Check in on job status in the office, at the plant, on the road, or at the customer’s site.

Our Capabilities

Automate the Jobsite and Maximize Workflow Agility

Online forms are increasingly becoming an industry standard. JACS Solutions devices provide the ability to electronically log, track and manage projects for effective management of employees and contractor negotiations.

Track Assets Anytime, Anyplace

JACS Solutions can support asset-tracking platforms with our customized smart devices over cellular or the WiFi network. Track high-value assets as they move along the supply chain and know where they are each step of the way.

Featured Products for Manufacturing

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TT800V 4G LTE Tablet

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TD191 4G LTE Dongle

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Rugged Devices

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