Technician using RealWear headset with wireless connectivity to repair manufacturing facility part

Connecting augmented reality

A connectivity solution for workforce productivity and safety.

Hands-free mobile solutions, such as Augmented Reality (AR) headsets, are increasingly being adopted in today's industrial environments to keep workers productive and safe by keeping them connected to information and resources in the field and on the factory floor.

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Engineer using augmented reality to scan a rocket engine in a facility using connectivity solutions


Automotive, manufacturing, and utilities industries often experience equipment and infrastructure failures, resulting in excessive downtime leading to a loss in productivity and revenue. When vital work is performed in distributed or virtual environments, reliable access to information, documentation, and subject matter expertise is critical to successful and timely completion.

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RealWear headset customized to use JACS Solutions TD191 dongle modem for wireless connectivity

The JACS Solution

AR solutions allow remote subject matter experts to see exactly what the on-site worker sees, and the worker wearing the device can simultaneously view product manuals and collaborate with support resources to bring work back online in minutes instead of hours.

The TD191 4G LTE USB Dongle provides a lightweight, hands-free wireless connection for AR headset technology, allowing the worker to remain on task without the need to flip through printed manuals or fumble with cellphone-grade video.

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