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MVNO Partners

Move beyond data plans with custom IoT solutions.

Discover new ways to engage customers and deliver end-to-end solutions that move beyond activations by partnering with JACS Solutions. We work directly with MVNOs to develop custom connectivity solutions optimized for your network and that directly address the needs of your customers, with experts and resources on-hand to support your sales and technical teams through the entire customer lifecycle.

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Scalable Device Security

Purpose-built hardware and firmware, multi-SIM and eSIM support, and custom Android ROMs prioritize security for your most demanding clients.

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Custom Solutions for Tailor-Made Services

Tap into custom-built connectivity solutions specifically designed to operate on your network and that complement your service offerings—without carrier lock-in.

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Extensive Product Support

Shorten and improve the buyer journey with sales enablement resources, support, and expertise that help your team present solutions to customers.

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Devices Built for Your Network

Our custom solutions are thoroughly tested and optimized to operate on your network and are certified to connect to all major U.S. carriers networks, as well as dozens of networks globally.

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Future-Proof Technology

Whether there’s a need to ensure new devices and IoT solutions are future-proof, or the goal is keeping legacy equipment connected to your network, we’ve got you covered.

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Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Leave the device management to us, with custom-built technologies designed to meet the unique needs of your current and future customers. Our customized solutions help you generate new revenue and grow customer loyalty with value added services to deliver an enhanced communications service.

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