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Enabling Technologies

At JACS Solutions, we have a complete technology toolkit to deliver fully customized IoT solutions that address organizational challenges and enable future business models across diverse industry sectors.

Whether your primary motivation for implementing an IoT solution is workforce mobility, data privacy, device security, network control, or a combination of several things, our team has the experience with, and access to, the technology on which to build it. Need some help determining the right technology to connect and advance your business? We're here to help.

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5G cellular tower in a rural part of the country



Connect your workforce and your workflows to a legacy mobile network or prepare for an upgrade to 4G and 5G LTE. We have an extensive partner ecosystem with module and chipset suppliers, as well as in-house expertise, that understands how coverage, data rates, mobility, and security requirements can be addressed most effectively with cellular technology.

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Need Internet connectivity but want to reduce the costs associated with carrier data plans? Our platforms include Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options that fit your business and your budget. For applications that require less range and mobility than cellular, Wi-Fi may be the best technology choice for your JACS-created solution.

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Advanced Security

Private LTE

Private LTE combines the coverage and capacity of cellular communications with the control of Wi-Fi in networks using wireless frequency bands allocated for private use (referred to as CBRS in the United States). If you’ve deployed (or are considering deploying) a Private LTE network for your enterprise, our team can offer a wide range of IoT solutions that connect people and resources to it for connected, intelligent, and secure operations in stationary, remote, and hybrid work environments.

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Various charging connectors fanned out including pogo pin, USB, USB-C, and micro USB.


Charging and Power

With mobility comes the challenge of keeping connected devices charged to maximize operational uptime. JACS can help you power your devices using both open and proprietary charging standards including Qi, USB (micro, USB-C, etc.), Lightning™, and Pogo pin connectors. We also offer Power Over Ethernet (PoE) solutions to power devices where running electrical lines may be costly or require a high degree of effort.

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UV light technology for sanitizing tablets and mobile devices.

Enhanced Clean

UV Sanitization

Connected health, learning, and work are putting more devices in more hands than ever before. With a heightened focus around the world on preventing the spread of disease, particular attention has been given to keeping shared devices free from germs. Research shows ultraviolet radiation has been proven to effectively reduce the spread of many bacteria and viruses. That’s why JACS has incorporated this technology into a number of our solutions to help keep workers, students, and patients safe with UV-based sanitization of devices.

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