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Partner Resources

Being part of the JACS full service partnership program means you have access to shared knowledge, expertise, and resources to assist in your business development efforts.

Whether you're a wireless carrier, an MVNO, integrator, technical, or channel partner, our extensive documentation on products, use cases, and industry primers help drive enterprise sales with end-to-end solutions for you and your customers.

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Product Data Sheets

Find the perfect solution for your end users in our suite of existing devices, including detailed product specifications, to see the art of possible when building custom solutions with JACS.

Custom Tablets

Keep your workforce connected and productive with enterprise-grade LTE and CBRS-ready tablets.

Previous Generation Tablets:

Purpose-built ruggedized tablets that can withstand even the harshest environments, whether they are operating in a warehouse, on the floor of a manufacturing facility, on the road, or in the field.

Connectivity Devices

Stay one step ahead in the evolving world of mobile, remote, and autonomous operations by getting timely insights and intelligence at the network’s edge to make critical business decisions with our suite of connectivity solutions.

Large Format Touchscreens & Displays

An ideal platform for stationary interactive touch displays in retail, commercial, or industrial applications, the TP Power-over-Ethernet series delivers a robust, flexible, and cost-effective platform for user engagement.

The TS Android Display Series offers interactive touch screens with Wi-Fi connectivity, creating the perfect digital solution for retail, education, travel, hospitality, entertainment, education, and healthcare.

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Use Cases

See our solutions in action through our use cases, and get a glimpse of how we've provided businesses with a competitive advantage.

Whether it's expanding connectivity in rural areas, extending the life of legacy equipment, or optimizing workflows on the factory floor, our device solutions help your business end users stay connected and productive.


Keep students engaged in learning with device charging and management
Modular charging cart solutions for classroom and remote applications. Product Highlight: Charging Carts

Powering student transportation solutions
Ensuring rider safety, optimized routing, and operational efficiency. Product Highlight: TT Series LTE Tablet

A flexible virtual learning solution
Extending educational opportunities in remote or hybrid classroom settings. Product Highlight: TD0301 HotSpot


Enabling ease of use and secure data transfer for remote patient monitoring
Simplifying the interaction between patients and providers. Product Highlight: TT Series LTE Tablet

Internet connectivity for remote patient monitoring
Secure and reliable connections for medical devices. Product Highlight: TD191 Dongle

Public Sector

Overcoming network and device security challenges in government facilities
Support mission-critical applications with custom connectivity solutions. Product Highlight: CBRS Tablets

Reducing recidivism among the incarcerated with secure wireless technologies
Providing connections to family members, loved ones, and support networks. Product Highlight: CBRS Tablets

Extending the life of legacy devices
Planning for 2G/3G network sunsetting with 4G connectivity solutions. Product Highlight: TD191 Dongle

Industrial Remote Connectivity in Rural Areas
Remote data collection for fuel pump equipment in the field. Product Highlight: TD191 Dongle

Mobile workstation for warehouses and distribution centers
Use technology to manage essential operations from anywhere. Product Highlight: TR Ruggedized LTE Tablet

Optimize operations in transportation and logistics
Integrating technology into daily fleet operations. Product Highlight: TR Ruggedized LTE Tablet

Powering secure self-service kiosks in terminals
Wirelessly connect travelers, security, and staff with customized platforms. Product Highlight: Touchscreen Displays

Automate online order management with connected and reliable food delivery technology
Improving customer experience through efficient off-premise operations. Product Highlight: TT Series LTE & Wi-Fi Tablets

Connecting augmented reality
A connectivity solution for workforce productivity and safety. Product Highlight: TD191 Dongle

Accelerate your productivity
Create an environment that connects employees, customers, and the office in the comfort of the home. Product Highlight: TD0301 HotSpot

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Elderly patient discussing results of remote patient monitoring in a telehealth appointment with their doctor

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Industry and Technology Solutions

Just as our solutions are fully customized, we understand that each business vertical poses its own challenges that demand custom connectivity and IoT solutions. JACS is well-versed in several key industries and areas, with more than 30 years of experience having developed custom solutions for many partners and end users, from healthcare to transportation.

Learn more about our expertise and work across various business verticals to educate your sales team and customers on the potential in partnering with JACS.