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Yes and no. JACS builds IoT solutions that enable our customers’ digital transformation initiatives, connected workflows, and smart applications. Our extensive technology toolkit and global R&D expertise allows us to create platforms that are highly-customizable to address critical business needs. And yes, sometimes those devices are tablets.

JACS provides hardware, firmware, services, and accessories that are integrated with end-to-end solutions for IoT applications. Each solution is built to the specific requirements of our customers who often find that off-the-shelf products fall short in terms of performance, reliability, product lifecycle, and security.

JACS has deployed custom solutions in healthcare, education, transportation, logistics, retail & hospitality, enterprise businesses, the public sector, and more. If your business or organization requires connectivity to enable applications in stationary or mobile environments, we can provide a solution that will work for you.

If you’re deploying technology solutions into your enterprise, education, healthcare, or other work environment and have specific concerns about data privacy, security, physical damage, reliable network connectivity, or productivity, you’ll likely want to consider a custom solution over an off-the-shelf product that is built for mass adoption and consumer use.

Platforms and Devices

JACS understands that one size does not fit all and that enterprise technology must meet a higher standard than consumer products. From reducing security vulnerabilities to ruggedizing devices for use in tough environments, JACS devices are purpose-built for business.

Generally, yes. JACS has close relationships with wireless network operators in many countries around the world. We work closely with them to certify devices for use on their networks and we can also provide devices that are network agnostic. Just a couple of examples are the JACS TT800V tablet certified by Verizon Wireless, and TT800Q certified by AT&T.

In addition to certifying devices for use on publicly available cellular networks, JACS devices may include Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the capability to connect to private mobile networks using frequency bands allocated for use by enterprises operating their own networks and neutral host providers.

JACS platforms are built at the component level so we have the ability to create just about anything to be used in an IoT environment. Some examples of what we’ve developed are tablets, connectivity solutions that include LTE USB dongles and mobile hotspots, Internet-enabled touch displays, and charging carts for all sorts of devices.

JACS offers several options for ruggedizing your devices. We have deployed both rugged and semi-rugged devices to enterprise customers in a number of different industries where drops, vibrations, dust, and heavy use may impact product life. We can also provide enclosures and cases that will protect devices.

Since JACS specializes in custom solutions for each client, we are not really a “product” company. Though you may see products on our website, they’re really just representative samples of what our platforms can become. We’re happy to offer those products to you, but the customization possibilities are endless.

Technical Q&A

Yes. When we develop a solution for you, we will include firmware customizations that lockdown devices to restrict some applications and allow others. We can also provide you with the tools necessary to manage these permissions on your own.

JACS understands that data security and privacy are critical concerns in a connected world and that your business cannot accept unnecessary risks. That’s why we offer many security and privacy-related capabilities including locking down device firmware; enabling or disabling Google Management Services (GMS), and providing secure modes of connectivity like LTE and Wi-Fi. Our team of engineers and solutions architects will work closely with you to understand what is needed in your JACS-built solution.

Most JACS devices run a custom version of Android (Android version 5 and later). Our team also has the ability to build solutions that run Windows IoT if that is needed for your business. Just like our hardware, we will customize the operating system for you to ensure that you have exactly what you need.

To find the software version of your Android device, go to Settings, tap About Device, and look for the Kernel version.

If you would like, JACS will include our Over-The-Air (OTA) service to manually or automatically install the most up-to-date software version for your devices. We also have several partners from whom you may purchase and install Mobile Device Management (MDM) services for more comprehensive management of your deployed JACS devices.

Purchasing and Working With JACS

Just give us a shout with a little information about what you’re looking for. Our team is happy to learn more about your technology needs and to help you specify solution requirements.

That depends. Given the custom nature of our solutions, timelines may vary. Once we get things going, you’ll have a dedicated team of account and project managers assigned to you to keep you updated every step of the way.

Yes. JACS requires minimum order quantities on all physical products. For more information on those minimum quantities, please contact us.

All JACS devices come with one year standard manufacturer’s limited warranty. We also offer premium warranties and insurance. Learn more about our premium JACS Device Protection Plans.

Helpdesk / RMA Questions

Contact helpdesk@jacs-solutions.com to open a ticket, and we will review your account and update you on your warranty status directly. Please include the serial number and IMEI number of the device(s) in question and have the sales receipt or a comparable proof-of-sale showing the original date of purchase ready.

Typically, the product serial number and IMEI number can be found on the back of the device; however, the location may vary depending on the device type and its customizations.

No. All repair issues must be initiated through our ticket system to ensure proper customer service and tracking. All devices must have an RMA number before you return them to us.

Please carefully wrap all devices and equipment in protective packaging with bubble wrap or other padding. Please write the RMA number from your support ticket on the outside of the shipping box and ship to:

JACS Solutions
809 Pinnacle Drive, Suite R
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Additional devices or equipment not included in the provided RMA number will be subject to additional shipping and handling fees.

The turnaround time for repair varies depending on the issue. We will keep you apprised of the repair status through your open support ticket.

If you need expedited return shipping for your RMA devices, please indicate so in your open support ticket so that our team can provide you with a quote.

Submitting devices in bulk for RMA is preferred, as it reduces shipping and handling costs and allows for the most efficient way to diagnose and repair them.

We do offer options for you to receive repaired devices on an individual basis. If you are interested in this, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request. Note that there will be additional shipping charges.

Replacement devices are only available to customers who have purchased our Protect Warranty Plan.

Yes. Create a ticket by emailing helpdesk@jacs-solutions.com to begin the RMA process. Please note that you will be responsible for all parts, labor, and shipping costs associated with your out-of-warranty devices. In addition, all out-of-warranty device RMAs are subject to a one-time diagnostic charge.

As part of the support ticket process, our technicians will work with you to determine whether the device(s) need to be submitted for repair through our RMA process. Be advised that tampering with hardware or opening the product without consent from our support team is strictly prohibited and will void your warranty.

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