Man using JACS Solutions TT1001 tablet for automated bottling line monitoring and data management.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Smart technology solutions position manufacturing and industrial businesses to maintain high levels of productivity and keep teams connected, informed, and safe. JACS Solutions’ custom-built IoT solutions automate mission-critical workflows and provide the mobility and intelligence that team members need to manage them locally or remotely. Even in tough environments where heavy machinery and rough handling are common, JACS industrial IoT solutions perform without compromise to optimize processes and reduce waste.

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Industrial-Grade Durability

JACS solutions include hardware that allows you to avoid productivity-crushing downtime even in proximity to heavy machinery, with excessive handling, and under other harsh environmental conditions where many devices fail.

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Readily-Available Connection

Improve your organization’s ability to remotely or locally control operations and monitor the health of high-value assets by deploying or retrofitting facilities, equipment, and teams with real-time, reliable, and secure connectivity that maximizes operational uptime.

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Reduced Cybersecurity Risk

Firmware customization enables applications on pre-configured devices to be locked down at the operating system level, limiting access to protected data and keeping workers focused on value-generating activity.

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Utility worker using customized mobile tablet to monitor power meter in field.

Process Highlights

Keep Your Workforce Connected and Productive

The inherently demanding nature of production workflows often leads to downtime that can quickly cut into profits. JACS can create custom firmware and hardware solutions that integrate with mission-critical and legacy systems and streamline processes, maintaining uptime and profitability. Our unique customization expertise offers ports, peripheral connections, and integrated hardware that is purpose-built for your business and keeps teams working at peak efficiency.

Automated Workforce Management

Manage worker schedules, monitor safety, and enable advanced applications from a custom-built platform that makes it easy to collaborate electronically, log time, track progress, and assign work.

Turn Data into Valuable Insight

Streamline cross-functional team collaboration with smart tools designed to connect platforms and people. JACS can help you build mobile workstations so teams can contribute valuable insight and intelligence for more informed decision-making at all points in your workflow.

Technician using RealWear headset with wireless connectivity to repair manufacturing facility part

Use Case

Connecting Augmented Reality

Discover how JACS helps keep on-site workers safe and productive when equipment fails by giving them access to information and subject matter experts through a first-person lens.

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