Truck driver using JACS Solutions TT800V rugged tablet to log delivery route data.

Transportation & Logistics

Fleet managers have recognized the need to integrate technology into their daily operations, such as electronic logging, GPS tracking, and inspection and maintenance scheduling. However, finding a device purpose-built to meet — and survive — the demands of the environmental conditions of the road is a growing challenge. Few, if any, off-the-shelf smart devices offer the flexibility and build quality needed to manage fleet and personnel on the road.

JACS can help fleet managers drive change to traditional transportation and logistics business models with technology solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, protect assets, ensure compliance, and recruit talented drivers.

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Road-Ready Technology

Get rugged tablets, displays, and accessories that can weather exposure to environmental conditions such as vibration, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight.

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Safety & Compliance

Protect your workforce and your business with the technology tools that keep them focused, productive, and in line with federal mandates with tools for automated workflows such as electronic logging (ELD).

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Custom Systems Integration

Track inventory, monitor assets, and optimize operations on-site or remotely with devices and integrated solutions that include cameras, sensors, scanners, or connected peripherals that help to create efficiencies and minimize waste.

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JACS Solutions drone aerial view of two trucks driving with data tracking graphic overlay.

Process Highlights

Real-Time Responsiveness and Reliability

When efficiency directly translates to your bottom line, reliable and responsive teams are critical to success. JACS can design customized, road-ready mobile solutions that seamlessly link fleet and operations managers to remote teams and assets. In real-time, you can track inventory, electronically log driver and fleet data, monitor asset health, and optimize routing via GPS to reduce costs caused by delays and inaccuracies. And we can build hardware durable enough to handle it all — from the dashboard to the warehouse floor.

Electronic Logging

Quickly deploy ELD systems so your team can provide real-time data without the hassle of hand-held devices and spotty wireless connectivity. By removing bloatware at the operating system level, JACS can optimize fleet management devices for reliability and speed. Devices are pre-configured to connect GPS tracking and routing systems, communication apps, Hours of Service (HOS) logs, vehicle maintenance reports, and more.

Secure, Reliable GPS Navigation

From Syracuse to San Diego and everywhere in between, JACS keeps operations on the move with accurate and optimized routing on customized hardware certified for use on major carriers’ wireless networks.

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Use Case

Ensuring Safe and Efficient K-12 Student Transport

Explore how the TT800V 4G LTE Tablet enables transportation of K-12 students with an integrated suite of safety and logistics tools to keep bus operators, administrators, and parents informed.

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