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VARs & Integrators

Unlock new business potential with value-added custom IoT solutions.

Give your end users fully integrated solutions by partnering with JACS. Our fully customizable IoT platforms are designed to the specifications of your customers and come with expert resources and full support from marketing and sales to help you add value across client organizations and increase revenues.

Turn-key Solutions for Customers

Provide turn-key solutions that are ready for use and customized to the client’s needs.

Sample and Demo Programs

Ensure added features or service offerings operate flawlessly on our custom devices.

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Resources At Your Fingertips

Get pre- and post-sales and product support from certified technical teams, including in-depth training and onboarding.

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Custom Solutions That Solve Complex Challenges

JACS solutions consults with you at every step of the process to understand your customer’s pain-points and the challenges they wish to overcome with IoT solutions. Our custom products and devices are optimized for network compatibility and built to seamlessly integrate with virtually any hardware or software solution.

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Add Value and Increase Deal Size

Deliver added value with custom solutions designed to enhance your services, features, or integrations. At JACS, we deliver powerful, differentiated connectivity solutions backed by decades of technical expertise and easily scalable to any size deployment.

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