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JACS Solutions specializes in designing, manufacturing, and providing end-to-end support for smartphones, tablets, displays, and accessories. Through industry-leading hardware and firmware customization, JACS collaborates with businesses, integrators, and VARS to meet their needs and bring their visions to life, while focusing on delivering greater flexibility, security, and affordability to every customer.
JACS Solutions provides solid hardware and continues to provide new options as well for us to be able to offer our partners.
Bryan Reyes Director of Marketing and Digital Media, Touchrate
With JACS, we maintained our vision for customer experience and made no sacrifices to that vision. The result is high satisfaction, long retention, and winning more and more business.
Chris Otto Senior Vice President, Clear Arch Health
There's no question about JACS Solutions giving us a competitive advantage...a big advantage. And I will tell you that we are selling more as a result of having this type of solution.
Doug Hawley Chief Operating Officer, InSight Mobile Data

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