When off the shelf is off the table

JACS Solutions Inc. is a global provider of custom connectivity solutions for industrial and enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. JACS partners with clients to design, manufacture, and deploy connected devices and integrated solutions that make essential business operations smarter, more reliable, and more efficient by reducing risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent with off-the-shelf, consumer-grade products.

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Factory engineer using customized CBRS tablet in a manufacturing plant to monitor productivity

IoT Solutions

Tailored IoT Solutions

Experts in cellular, Wi-Fi, and Private LTE, we deliver fully customized IoT solutions that address organizational challenges and enable future business models across diverse industry sectors.

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Healthcare professional working on mobile tablet at reception desk in the hospital during coronavirus pandemic

Where We Specialize

Hardware and Firmware Customization

Our innovative approach to customization of hardware, firmware, and software maximizes both physical and data security of devices and provides technology managers with total control over what users and applications connect to their networks.

Electricity Maintenance Engineer working on the field with a mobile tablet at a Wind Turbine Power.

JACS Platforms

Portfolio of Customized Solutions

Built on a portfolio of platforms that includes conventional and ruggedized tablets, connectivity solutions, touch displays, and more, our solutions have been proven to lower total cost of ownership, improve productivity, minimize operational downtime, and address privacy and security concerns in today’s always-connected business environment.


Leader in Maximizing Everyday Operations for Enterprises

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Protect your operations with locked-down firmware, encrypted data transfer and a tamper-proof interface.

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Modernize and transform your infrastructure by connecting people and devices from anywhere.

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Keep your equipment and workforce connected and productive so you can always make the right business decisions at the right time.

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Solutions that meet your exact specifications, from hardware and display requirements to customizable accessories.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of ownership with a solution that is built to last and designed to maximize productivity without interruption.

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Enterprise and Industrial Grade

Solutions purpose-built to withstand even the harshest environments, whether in a facility, on the road, or in the field.


Serving customers all over the world.

Devices Deployed

Helping businesses do more, more often.