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Private LTE

As the newest frontier in enterprise and industrial connectivity, Private LTE offers many benefits. Finding the right partner to guide you through the implementation process is key. The JACS Solutions team has decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, deploying more than 100,000 devices across Private LTE networks.

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SIM card or eSIM technology means no one is getting on your network without proper authorization.

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Deploy devices custom-built to operate on your private cellular network, inspired by the latest research from trusted spectrum associations like the OnGo Alliance.

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Tap into an extensive partner and supplier ecosystem to build custom solutions to your specifications.

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A New Kind of Network

Private cellular solutions are ideal for enterprise organizations who want maximum mobility, coverage, and control of their operations and technology infrastructure. The benefits include data traffic prioritization, greater bandwidth, and far stronger signal coverage indoors compared to a traditional Wi-Fi network.

These networks require specialized hardware to operate on, and JACS Solutions can customize any of our existing platform solutions to be certified for Private LTE. Or, we can start from scratch and build you an entirely new solution from the ground up.

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The Right Connections

Building and implementing a Private LTE network is a multi-step process that requires multiple technology providers working together. JACS Solutions is a trusted partner in the Private LTE ecosystem and has worked extensively with sophisticated network operators and chipset manufacturers to build and deploy CBRS-ready devices for use in the field.

As a member of both the OnGo Alliance and the National Spectrum Consortium, associations dedicated to the study of spectrum technologies, JACS network and product engineers can keep you apprised of the latest trends and standards in the industry and ensure your products are always on the cutting edge of Private LTE technology.

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Enhanced Security & Support

Security is one of the most critical benefits of Private LTE in enterprise and industrial applications, especially in sectors such as defense, healthcare, and education. Devices must be certified to operate on the correct band through a SIM card or eSIM technology, which means no one is getting on your network without proper authorization.

The JACS engineers and development team build custom connectivity devices that provide secure access to your network infrastructure, locking down your devices at the firmware level to control what applications and information can be accessed by end users. We also offer 24/7 support, testing our devices on your network for optimum performance before large-scale deployment.

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