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As provider-patient relationships extend beyond traditional healthcare settings, the nature of care leans exceedingly more on the strength, security, and reliability of connected technology. JACS Solutions provides affordable, purpose-built solutions to hospitals, clinical systems, home health agencies, and labs that deliver frictionless access to care for patients and enable vital data to be shared across the healthcare ecosystem.

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Improve Patient Journeys with Complete Technology Solutions

The mobile nature of today's healthcare demands a complete technology solution. JACS can equip organizations with end-to-end connected health solutions that ensure access to care for all patients regardless of age, familiarity with technology, or lack of mobility. Our solutions are purpose-built to provide reliable and secure connectivity to transfer PHI and access medical diagnostic systems. We also offer accessories and options, including UV sanitization and antimicrobial surfaces to enhance user safety.

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Faster Data Collection, Transmission & Diagnostics

JACS-built platforms integrate with virtual care solutions to support healthcare providers with connected technology to manage telehealth appointments, remotely gather biometric measurements, and collect symptom and behavioral data for treatment and diagnosis.

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HIPAA-Compliant Security & Privacy

Protect against privacy threats that could expose Personal Health Information (PHI) with hardware and firmware customization that effectively secures data transmission between patients and providers.

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Device Connectivity & Integration

Get fast, secure, and reliable internet connectivity for biometric, diagnostic, and other vital medical data and seamlessly integrate the medical devices and systems you depend on.

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Reduced Disease Transmission Risk

Ultraviolet (UV) light sanitization and antimicrobial product finishes are just some of the customization options that protect shared devices to reduce the transmission of disease.

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Reduced Cost and Risk To Healthcare Systems

Easy and reliable access to treatment from the comfort of home provides patients with more consistent and preventative engagement to the care they need, leading to improved outcomes and reducing costs associated with delivering care.

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Extended Equipment Lifecycles

As care relies more heavily on the connection of medical devices and equipment to the Internet of Things, extending the life of legacy infrastructure is critical to reducing costs and maintaining operational efficiency. Retrofit existing equipment with JACS connectivity solutions to leverage next-generation communication protocols and add intelligence necessary to enable healthcare applications.

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Integrated Treatment Solutions

JACS platforms are custom-built from a toolkit of industry-standard communication protocols and technologies in order to integrate with third-party devices and software. Our manufacturer-agnostic approach facilitates the development of end-to-end health-tech solutions such as automated pill dispensing systems that ensure adherence to care and dosage accuracy in order to reduce risk and costs across the healthcare landscape.

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Use Cases

Extending the adoption and lifecycle of remote patient monitoring equipment

Learn how healthtech providers are using plug-and-play connectivity solutions to extend the life of connected legacy medical equipment for remote patient monitoring.

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