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Charging Cart Solutions

An all-in-one charging, storage, and security solution.

Charge, store, and secure tablets, laptops, and handheld devices with our enterprise-grade charging cart solutions.

Built with your unique needs in mind, our charging cart solutions come equipped with UV sanitization and smart fan management, with options for a wide range of customized features such as compatibility with open and proprietary charging standards, smart controls for remote management, and industrial-grade materials for physical security.

Customizations also include colors, corporate branding, and global certifications.

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Keep your devices safe even when they are out of sight with a myriad of built-in physical security features.

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A modular design and support for multiple open and proprietary charging standards means these carts can accommodate a variety of devices.

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Smart fan management automatically regulates internal temperatures to keep devices cool, while electrical safety features protect against voltage and current overloads.

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Laptops, tablets and mobile phones stored inside of JACS solutions charging cart


Worry-free Management

Take the worry out of managing workplace tablets, smartphones, and Internet devices with secure and customizable charging carts. By housing all your devices in one unit you can centrally manage your inventory and ensure all devices are updated and fully charged prior to distribution.

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Industrial-strength Mobility

All carts are built with industrial-grade materials and rated to withstand challenging environments and heavy operation. Mechanical anti-theft doors help prevent damage or tampering—no matter where you plan to use your devices.

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UV light technology for sanitizing tablets and mobile devices.


Adaptable to Any Environment

Features like UV sanitization reduce the risk of infections in all environments, making charging carts a perfect solution for healthcare providers, education institutions, and public safety facilities.


  • CC Series – supports devices up to 10”
  • CC Series – supports devices up to 15.7”
Capacity 20, 40, or 60 devices
UV Sterilization and Smart Control Panel Yes (optional on the CC6002)
Layout 2 x 10, 5 x 10, or 5 x 12
Safety Features Overload Protection, Over-Voltage, Auto Shut-Off Protection, Over-Heat Auto Shut-Off Protection with Auto Reset
Device Slot Dimension 12.20" x 1.08" x 9.34" or 12.20" x 1.18" x 8.34"
Cart Weight 178 - 216 lbs
Power I/O Input: 110V / 220V; Output: 280 - 700W
Cart Dimensions 21.89" x 15.75" x 26.18" - 25.59" x 15.75" x 57.28"
Capacity 30 or 45 devices
UV Sterilization and Smart Control Panel Optional
Layout 3 x 10 or 3 x 15
Safety Features Electrical Surge Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Isolation Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Device Slot Dimension 15.94" x 11.42" x 1.69"
Cart Weight 178 - 216 lbs
Power I/O Input: 110V / 220V; Output: 1200W
Cart Dimensions 24.41" x 25.98" x 45.67" or 32.28" x 25.98" x 45.67"

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