TAA Compliance at JACS Solutions

JACS Solutions is committed to compliance with national and international mandates related to privacy, environmental concerns, accessibility and other policies.

All JACS Solutions platforms and devices are capable of being designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported in the United States and in TAA designated countries from U.S. and international components.

Existing solutions developed and manufactured by JACS Solutions that are TAA Compliant will be designated as such on the site and in accompanying documentation using the term “TAA Compliant” and/or branded with our TAA Compliance certification logo.

If a JACS Solutions partner or customer requires TAA Compliant devices, it is JACS Solutions’ responsibility to control and make sure that all products manufactured and produced are U.S. made or designated from approved countries. JACS Solutions has a strong quality control department that continually checks the origin of components and parts of its products.

About TAA Compliance

TAA compliance mandates that government agencies obtain products and services from jurisdictions covered under the federal Trade Agreements Act. Dictated by the General Services Administration (GSA), it states that said offerings must originate from the U.S. or a location on its list of approved countries. Failure to meet TAA compliance can result in severe penalties, including a loss of federal contracts and substantial fines. Products are considered TAA compliant if they are manufactured or substantially transformed in the U.S. or any of the TAA designated countries.