Woman using laptop and JACS Solutions TD191 4G dongle for work from home meeting and project management.

IoT Solutions For Connected Workflows

Strategic investments in technology make the future of work more intelligent, agile, and cost-effective. Whether you need to connect distributed teams, automate workflows to improve productivity, make data-backed decisions at the edge of your networked operations, extend the life of legacy equipment, or ensure compliance with industry-specific mandates, building a roadmap of custom IoT solutions can expedite and ensure the successful digital transformation of your business model.

Intelligent Workflows

Capture and visualize data at the source to support real-time decision-making with solutions built to enable the applications that run your business.

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Security Focused

Protect sensitive data using one or multiple secure mobile communications protocols integrated into a tamper-resistant hardware platform.

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Optimized Cost of Ownership

With technology platforms free from unwanted software and unnecessary firmware updates you can avoid early obsolescence of your smart devices and retrofit legacy equipment with Internet connectivity to extend their life cycles.

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Warehouse worker using RF gun to scan package.


Digital Transformation

Enterprise leaders recognize the need to use data to gain deeper insight into their operations and their customer preferences. Whether IoT strategies are focused on inventory management, customer service, bridging a skills gap, or a broader digital transformation effort, a custom-built solution from JACS can help you move your business forward.

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Rural farmer using tablet in pickup truck from farm, field or roadside.


Remote, Hybrid, and Distributed Work

With fast, secure, and reliable internet connectivity provided by a custom-built JACS solution, remote, hybrid, and distributed operations run seamlessly whether in major metropolitan areas or rural locations where broadband coverage is typically limited. If your work environment has been (or will be) extended beyond traditional brick and mortar facilities, JACS can equip your organization with the tools to maintain full control of your connected operation.

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Automated smart robotic warehouse with technology data graphics.


Infrastructure Modernization

From smart grid and smart cities initiatives to connected factory and warehouse operations, retrofitting legacy infrastructure with endpoints and sensors for connectivity unlocks insights that make everything work smarter and more efficiently. Limit replacement costs and extend asset life with brownfield installations that help you reduce the time necessary to upgrade critical infrastructure.

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Scientist monitoring performance analytics on customized connected tablet in front of a smart welding arm in a manufacturing facility


Industry 4.0

Successful Industry 4.0 initiatives rely on smart technology solutions at your network’s edge and the interconnectivity of people, facilities, and assets as the foundation for additional value creation in your industrial process flows. Improving productivity, reducing costs, and identifying new business opportunities are just a few of the benefits of Industrial IoT (IIoT) adoption.

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Traveler stands at a kiosk at the airport to print ticket and process checked baggage

Use Case

Powering secure self-service kiosks in terminals

Learn how secure and dependable touchscreen solutions are wirelessly connecting travelers, security, and staff on Private LTE networks to streamline the ever-changing workflows of modern travel.

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