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Mobile Carrier Partners

Grow your customer base—and your revenue.

Unlock the full value of mobile connectivity with an experienced custom IoT solutions provider. JACS partners with mobile carriers to ensure seamless and secure deployment of IoT devices across global networks. Our certified devices are optimized for MNO networks to take advantage of the coverage and data plans to drive greater adoption and activations in all business verticals.

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Certified Devices

Lab-tested devices certified for use on your network meet performance requirements for you and your customers.

Boost Activations

Bring new offerings to enterprise customers with business-focused solutions that exceed client expectations.

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Custom IoT Solutions

Connect people, resources, and equipment to keep enterprises operating at peak efficiency.

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Boost Activations With IoT Solutions

We deliver customized end-user device solutions that enable major carriers to sell more SIMs and activations. Our ability to provide device customization to meet the needs of your business partners helps extend your reach and market share across existing markets and creates opportunities to break into new ones.

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Deliver Custom Solutions To Enterprise Clients

Develop new revenue streams by addressing digitalization across new and existing markets. Our fully customized approach gives more flexibility to carriers when identifying IoT solutions for their enterprise business partners and clients with a managed wireless connectivity offering built to their specifications.

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