Two JACS Solutions customizable mobile tablets.

Customizable Tablets

We put the Custom in Customer with our purpose-built tablet solutions.

JACS Solutions has been developing customized tablets that support business-critical applications in diverse industries for more than a decade. Each of our platforms is built to your requirements at the hardware, firmware, and software level to connect and empower your workforce.

Whether your goal is maintaining operational uptime, securing your connected applications, connecting assets and people from anywhere, or solving other unique business challenges, our dedicated team of engineers and product specialists work with you to design, develop, and implement a tablet solution that ensures business success.

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Protect your operations with locked-down firmware, encrypted data transfer and a tamper-proof interface.

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Stay connected in any environment on public mobile, private LTE, or Wi-Fi networks and fixed or wireless machine-to-machine communication.

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Reduce cost of ownership with a tablet that is built to last and designed to maximize productivity without interruption.

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Female construction worker uses a rugged tablet on worksite


Tough and Reliable

Have confidence knowing your devices are purpose-built to withstand even the harshest environments, whether they are operating in a warehouse, on the floor of a manufacturing facility, on the road, or in the field.

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You’re in Control

Reduce risk and limit vulnerabilities by restricting network and device access, preventing unwanted application installations, and performing over-the-air firmware and application updates.

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Truck driver using JACS Solutions TT800V rugged tablet to log delivery route data.


Never Compromise

Get tablet solutions that meet your exact specifications, from hardware and display requirements to customizable accessories. Not sure what you need? JACS professionals are here to guide you through building a solution for you from the ground up.

JACS Solutions drone aerial view of two trucks driving with data tracking graphic overlay.

Use Case

Optimize Operations in Transportation and Logistics

Learn how fleet managers are driving change in the transportation and logistics space with technology solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, protect assets, and ensure compliance.

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