Family members on a video call with loved one who is currently in prison

Solutions For Correctional Institutions

Remaining connected to the outside world is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process for the incarcerated. Telecommunications and technology partners who operate the complex wireless networks that bridge that gap in these challenging environments demand custom-built devices that prioritize connectivity while remaining digitally and physically secure.

JACS Solutions has more than a decade of experience delivering custom hardware, software, and support solutions to correctional facilities that are engineered to prioritize safety and security.

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Security & Control

Devices built to operate in secure correctional facilities and customizable at the hardware and firmware level for maximum control and monitoring.

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Connected & Versatile

Deploy in any environment with integrated Wi-Fi or Private LTE based connectivity to enable any number of applications.

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360° Support & Service

Get 24-7 onsite and remote support from experts who specialize in managing large device deployments in complex environments.

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Prioritize Safety & Security

Deploy customized connected devices that prioritize safety and security. All of our platforms are meticulously engineered and tested to prohibit tampering and eliminate non-traditional or harmful use. We also understand the unique requirements for a prison environment and have spent thousands of hours researching and troubleshooting device failure points, such as auxiliary ports, batteries, and screens, to deliver trusted platforms with long life cycles to minimize downtime and maximize revenue.

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Couple having a video call with incarcerated loved one


Enterprise-level Reliability & Quality of Service

Partner with a device manufacturer that understands the importance of providing incarcerated individuals with safe ways to communicate with their family, friends, and loved ones. Save time and money with connected devices built to maximize uptime and reliability in the digital-first era where network speed and stability is paramount.

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Aerial view of a federal prison landscape in rural U.S.


End-to-End Communication Solutions

Get seamless, turnkey solutions that integrate products and services across your partner ecosystem. Extend your offerings to facilities and partners with custom IoT solutions that go beyond applications for the incarcerated, and support your customer’s infrastructure and personnel with services such as surveillance, tracking, and visitation booking management.

Our connected platforms can be customized to integrate with barcode scanners, RFID readers, and biometric devices. And with our hardware and firmware level customization, administrators and technology professionals can deliver critical updates or expand application offerings with the push of a button.

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Father and daughter on a videocall with a mother who is currently incarcerated

Use Case

Reducing recidivism among the incarcerated with secure wireless technologies

Learn how correctional facilities are reducing recidivism with secure wireless technologies that provide connections to family members, loved ones, and support networks.

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