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Public Sector

Innovative technology solutions aren’t restricted to the private sector. Federal, state, and local government agencies rely on connected and secure smart devices to perform many critical public functions, from health and public safety to education and defense. JACS can help technology leaders in the public sector bring these solutions to life through mission-critical connected devices custom-built to meet specific agency or department goals in any environment.

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Support the Mission

Make mission-critical decisions with zero downtime through instant access to data and analytics with secure wireless connectivity from anywhere.

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Security & Privacy

Protect sensitive data and control access using secure mobile communications protocols integrated into tamper-resistant ruggedized hardware and locked-down firmware.

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Safety & Compliance

Protect your workforce and your operations with customized solutions that keep workers focused and productive, and have confidence your devices fully comply with all federal mandates.

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Being the largest employer in the country, federal agencies and departments rely heavily on connected technology solutions to perform critical functions that deliver essential programs and services to the public. These operations take on many forms, from security and defense to protecting natural resources and maintaining municipal infrastructure and utilities. Essential government operations demand connectivity solutions that deliver privacy and reliability and that adhere to compliance standards.

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State & Local

Whether it’s advancing communities through smart city technology or supporting the education and rehabilitation of the incarcerated, state governments and local municipalities need to integrate intelligent technologies across their ecosystems to ensure their citizens remain safe, healthy, and productive. Doing that effectively requires fully customized and connected solutions that enable agencies and departments to implement the Internet of Things into everyday applications.

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The learning environment is constantly evolving, and educational systems and institutions need cost-effective, easy-to-deploy learning solutions that enable children from all backgrounds to achieve their highest potential. With customized connected devices, schools can extend classroom learning, bridge the digital divide, and keep students engaged and focused—whether they are across the room or across the country.

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PEPPM Purchasing Cooperative Awarded Vendor

Trust in a PEPPM awarded vendor to ensure you always have affordable, protected rates for purchasing innovative technology solutions. JACS Solutions has partnered with TD SYNNEX to offer educational and government agencies a robust product line catalog including custom tablets, connectivity devices, and charging carts.

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Use Case

Overcoming network and device security challenges in government facilities

Learn how the implementation of private networks in challenging environments has led to the adoption of secure, custom-built devices by downloading our use case.

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