Equipment assembling a microprocessor onto a motherboard for a custom tablet

Technology Partners

Custom devices powered by the latest technology.

JACS believes the best customization solutions are built from the ground up using the best technologies available, and that requires strong partnerships with chipset, component, network equipment, and software innovators. JACS partners with some of the smartest and most forward-thinking technology providers to ensure our IoT solutions remain cutting-edge.

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Business Differentiation

Build differentiated solutions to support new and existing customers.

Expanded Partner Portfolio

Tap into our extensive partnerships for new business opportunities.

Tried & Tested

Real-world applications using your technologies builds credibility and drives innovation.

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Warehouse manager using custom tablet with augmented reality overlay to review product tracking and availability


Unlock New Business Opportunities

Whether you’re a component supplier, a contract manufacturer, or a software solutions provider, JACS Solutions collaborates with you to ensure your innovations and expertise are front and center. Plus, our extensive channel partner program helps you unlock new business opportunities with access to potential customers.

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Engineer using augmented reality overlay with a custom tablet to monitor remote controlled machinery


Accelerate Adoption of New Technologies

Increase the adoption of new cellular technologies dedicated to the IoT space by partnering with JACS Solutions to showcase your latest developments by integrating them into our custom solutions. This collaborative partnership helps lower costs and builds market credibility through compatibility assessment of your hardware or software.

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