Man using JACS Solutions TS5503 55" touchscreen display to order food in retail coffee shop.

Retail & Hospitality

In the retail and hospitality industries, best-in-class customer experiences go much deeper than point-of-sale engagements. JACS Solutions can help you build connected, intelligent, and secure solutions that provide visibility at all points of the retail ecosystem, from manufacturing and shipping to distribution and inventory management to the in-person or online point-of-service. We can enable your teams to react to demand in real-time to delight customers and build brand loyalty.

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Optimize Customer Experience

Customer-facing applications now extend to kiosks, curbsides, parking lots, and virtual environments to create an omni-channel retail experience in which customer engagements must be personalized and seamless. JACS offers consumer-facing solutions that are custom-designed to be simple to use, responsive to real-time needs, and informative for your team and your buyers.

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Secure POS Transactions

Build trust with touch displays, devices, and other POS solutions purpose-built for retail with locked-down firmware and tamper-proof hardware options for secure transactions over cellular, Wi-Fi, or private LTE networks.

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Connect Supply Chain Systems

Gain visibility and control of your operations with customized solutions that deliver critical data securely and in real-time at every stage of the supply chain. Count and safeguard inventory, manage and enable employees, and make data-backed decisions in transit, in storage, or in front of customers.

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Woman using tablet in retail store to track inventory and online orders.

Process Highlights

Respond To Consumer Demand, on Demand.

Efficient and successful operations begin with a team in sync. JACS can build customized end-to-end solutions that allow you to automate your workflows to improve customer experience starting from the production line all the way to the store shelf. Warehouse and shipping teams can quickly respond to environmental or unforeseen events and remain in control of distribution, so retailers get inventory that matches their sales volume. And customer-facing retail and hospitality personnel can gain real-time insights that put intelligence, agility, and customer focus at the forefront of every process step.

Enhanced Omni-channel Retail

Expanded sales channels offer retailers an opportunity to enhance the customer journey by adapting quickly to buying preferences. JACS can build connected systems that help customers get the products and services they need in the manner and location that they want to receive them with experiences that are consistent across mobile, web, and in-person channels.

Optimized Inventory Distribution

JACS can build smart technology solutions that allow you to execute successful product distribution strategies based on sales. Gather insights at all points in the supply chain so teams can manage distribution and respond effectively to consumer needs in real-time.

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Store clerk packing an order of ice cream for delivery

Use Case

Automate online order management with connected and reliable food delivery technology

Optimize for delivery and pickup by incorporating apps and online capabilities into day-to-day operations using custom-built devices.

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