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Cellular Connectivity

With years of experience in the telecommunications industry as engineers, architects, and leaders, the JACS Solutions team has a deep understanding of the technology, coverage, data rates, and security necessary to run business-critical applications on 4G LTE cellular networks.

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Deploy devices certified on all major U.S. carriers and that operate on dozens of cellular bands across the globe.

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Tap into an extensive partner and supplier ecosystem to build custom solutions to your specifications.

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Reduce risk and limit vulnerabilities with customizable devices authorized to operate on your network and restricted at the firmware level to eliminate unwanted applications.

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Carrier Certification

JACS custom 4G LTE tablet solutions include certifications on the three largest U.S. mobile network operators, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, and its suite of connectivity devices can be certified to work across dozens of cellular bands in multiple countries. This level of flexibility in carrier operation allows our enterprise partners to employ standardized connected solutions quickly and efficiently, reducing the complexities associated with managing multiple device platforms across their organization.

With JACS as your custom mobility partner, you can decrease time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership by building, testing, deploying, and managing end-user solutions with carrier-agnostic hardware.

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Future-Proof Technologies

Protect your assets and your workflows and prepare for end-of-life and sunsetting with technology solutions that grow with your network—and your business.

Ensuring your devices are future-proof protects your investments by guaranteeing they not only work with current systems of operation, but also scale with your network to support adoption of bandwidth-intensive features like big data analytics and distributed cloud computing.

At JACS, we build optimized solutions for the latest in network technology and standardization. Our experts and engineers are on hand to help develop and implement connected devices for all network technologies past, present, and future. So, whether you need support for Low Power Wide Area Networks like Narrow Band IoT and LTE-M, or a device that makes the most of existing 4G LTE infrastructure, JACS has you covered.

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Full Customization Services

Get the features you need—and none you don’t—with cost-effective customization at both the hardware and firmware levels. All of our devices are carrier certified-ready and specifically designed at the PCBA level to operate on your network, including options for Private LTE.

However, network connectivity is only part of the solution. Hardware customization gives our partners and end users the flexibility to implement customized connectivity solutions specifically designed to the specifications of the environment in which they operate. From Pogo pin charging ports for use in transportation to specialized sensors to track global positioning, acceleration, and maintain stability in the field or on the factory floor, our fully customized devices are tailor-made for your applications and workflows.

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