Helpdesk Ticketing / RMA Issued

To open a ticket, please send an email directly to or complete the form below. Should you send an email please include the following information in the body of the email:

The model of device(s):

The serial and IMEI numbers:

The nature of the issue(s) with as much detail as possible:

Return shipping address:

Please complete the following form to open a ticket with JACS' Help Desk.
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JACS Service will attempt to resolve the issue via troubleshooting provided through our ticketing system; if the issue cannot be resolved at this level, our technicians will use the information gathered within the ticket to make the determination of issuing an RMA or not.

When an RMA is issued, an RMA number will be provided in the helpdesk ticket. The customer will receive instructions to include this number with the package as well as paperwork to sign and include with the RMA. As JACS is not responsible for packages lost in transit, we recommend that you use a trackable, insured method of shipping.

RMA Diagnostics

Upon receiving the RMA, JACS Service will update the ticket to confirm that we have received the device(s). Next, JACS Service will perform a thorough evaluation to verify the reported issue in addition to a full diagnostic review of the device itself. Our exhaustive, twenty-two point inspection includes checking all of the key components of the device, including power, network functionality, firmware, camera, and screen fidelity.

** Please note that we are only able to provide diagnostics based on the device(s) that have been returned to us. Issues related to faulty vehicle installs, improper usage, and faulty accessories not provided to us may not be detected within our diagnostic process.

Diagnostics are performed free-of-charge for devices within warranty. Devices outside of warranty are subject to a $50.00 per device diagnosis fee; this $50.00 is credited towards the cost of repairs.

Within / Outside of Warranty Repairs

If a device is within warranty, repairs immediately start following the diagnosis of the device. If your within warranty device requires a repair that is not covered by your warranty, it is treated as an out of warranty device.

If a device is out of warranty, JACS Service will reply to the helpdesk ticket with a quote for the parts, labor, and return shipping, as well as instructions for payment. Please note that repairs are not made until we have received full payment. We strongly advise providing payment as quickly as possible to ensure that repairs are executed swiftly and the device(s) can be returned as soon as possible.

Quality Check

Following the repair, a twenty-two point quality inspection is conducted to ensure that the device is devoid of issues and can return to field use. The device is also cleaned.

Return Shipping

We use FedEx Ground for return shipping. A tracking number will be provided in the helpdesk ticket.

Tablets that are within warranty are shipped back free of charge.

As stated within our warranty information, out of warranty tablets are subject to a return shipping and handling fee. Our shipping rate is $20.00 for the first tablet and $5.00 for each additional tablet. Please know that this fee not only includes the shipping cost, materials, and labor, but also the cleaning of each tablet prior to being returned. This fee applies to the return of any out of warranty RMA tablets, whether or not the device was repaired.

Common Helpdesk / RMA Questions

I have been provided an RMA number by JACS Service. How do I ship my devices/equipment in for repair?

Please carefully wrap all devices and equipment in either bubble wrap or protective packaging. Do not include any additional packaging or boxes that came along with your devices or equipment. Please print, sign, and place the attached Terms and Conditions form from your support ticket into your package. On the outside of the shipping box, please write the RMA number from your support ticket and ship the package to:

JACS Solutions

8818 Centre Park Drive

Suite 111

Columbia MD 21045

The shipping method chosen is the prerogative of the sender, but please be mindful that JACS is not responsible for packages lost in transit. Because of this, we recommend that you use a trackable, insured method of shipping.

Any additional packaging, devices, or equipment that were not included in your support ticket will be subject to additional shipping and handling fees.

Are you able to send me a replacement device as I wait for you to repair my device?

This service is only offered with our JACS Protect Warranty Plan and does not apply to any other warranty plans. If you have not purchased the JACS Protect Warranty Plan, we respectfully recommend that you consider purchasing additional devices/accessories if an emergency situation arises.

What if I decline the repairs after shipping the RMA to JACS?

If the device is within warranty, we will ship it back to you at no charge.

If your device is outside of warranty, it is still subject to a return shipping fee in addition to a diagnostic fee if our diagnostic inspection has already been performed. Let us know of your decision as soon as possible if you are choosing to decline repairs. Repairs that have already been paid for cannot be declined.

My device is still under the Standard JACS or JACS Care Warranty. What causes my device to be considered out-of-warranty for repairs?

Actions such as physically dropping the device, cracking the LCD screen, breaking the bezel or device frame, opening the inside of your device, spilling water onto your device, or improper handling can cause your device to be considered out-of-warranty for repair. Tampering with the software can also cancel warranty depending if permanent damage can be identified and caused by doing so.

What if I have a question about the RMA after the helpdesk ticket has been closed?

Reopen a closed ticket at any time by replying to that ticket via email.

What if I would like to purchase expedited shipping for the return of my RMA devices?

To receive a quote for expedited shipping, please communicate this to JACS Service in your helpdesk ticket as soon as possible. Additional charges will apply.

Can I still send in my out-of-warranty device for repair?

Yes. After creating a support ticket by emailing and receiving an RMA number, devices can be sent to:

JACS Solutions

8818 Centre Park Drive

Suite 111

Columbia MD 21045

Since these devices are out-of-warranty, they are subject to a $50 diagnostic charge that will later be deducted from the final repair cost.

How long do repairs take after JACS has received my device?

The answer to this depends on the warranty or lack thereof:

JACS Protect devices are repaired within 48 hours and feature Advance Replacement.

JACS Care devices receive priority and are repaired within 1-2 weeks.

Standard Warranty devices are repaired at 2+ weeks.

Devices that are within warranty are prioritized over devices that are outside of warranty. Out-of-warranty devices are placed in queue after devices that are within warranty and the timing of repairs will vary. For out-of-warranty devices, we respectfully recommend that you plan ahead for emergency situations by purchasing additional devices/accessories to prevent any downtime or disruptions within your business.   Because out-of-warranty repairs are not executed until payment has been received, we strongly advise providing payment as quickly as possible to ensure that repairs are executed swiftly and the device(s) can be returned as soon as possible.

I have a tablet with an issue. Can I just return the tablet to you without opening a helpdesk ticket?

No. You must first open a helpdesk ticket and receive an RMA number prior to returning a tablet back to us. Our Service Engineers will make every effort to troubleshoot the issue via helpdesk and will make the determination of whether to issue an RMA or not.

I want detailed information on the repair process that my device underwent.

Unfortunately, we are only able to provide general information regarding your repair as our repair processes are proprietary.

I shipped multiple out-of-warranty devices to JACS under a single RMA. Can I receive certain devices from my RMA shipped back to me and wait to receive the remaining devices?

Please contact our helpdesk for this information. Please know that if we are able to accommodate the request, an additional shipping charge will be applicable.

What are the terms and conditions for each repair?

1. JACS Solutions, Inc. does not cover damage resulting from improper handling, negligence, or intentional acts of misuse and abuse. This damage includes, but is not limited to: water/moisture damage, cracked backplates, cracked screens, devices found to have been tampered with, or any physical damage. Damage procured in this manner will void the warranty entirely, causing the customer to pay for both the repair of the device as well as the return shipping charge.

2. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all out-of-warranty devices are subject to a $50.00 diagnostics charge, even if the result of the diagnosis is that the device is devoid of issues or an issue cannot be found. This fee is credited towards the cost of any repairs if a repair takes place. If no repair is performed on the device, the diagnostic fee is charged and not credited back.

3. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all out-of-warranty devices are subject to a return shipping charge. This amount applies to return shipping on all out-of-warranty RMA devices, whether a repair was performed or not.

4. Our company is not responsible for any data loss, including the software or operating system, whether installed by our company or by a vendor.

5. JACS Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for any RMA devices that are lost in transit on their way to our offices. It is the responsibility of the sender to take appropriate measures, such as purchasing tracking and insurance for the returned items.

6. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all return addresses are accurate; if devices are lost in transit and our records show that this is due to the failure of the customer to provide an accurate address, JACS Solutions, Inc. takes no responsibility for the lost merchandise.

7. We interpret a customer’s approval of a repair quote via email as an agreement for said repairs to take place. It is at our discretion to modify this arrangement and have additional requirements, such as a signature from an approved party or an additional approval process in order for repairs to take place. It is our expectation to receive prompt payment for any approved repairs. Failure to provide approval for a quote or to provide payment for repairs within a timely manner will result in the return of RMA devices. Further, a quote may change based on additional information gained at the time of a repair.


Terms and Conditions must be signed and included with every RMA return shipment from the customer.

Where can I send in payments for my repairs?

After receiving a quote from a Service Engineer, payments can be made to May Guo in our Accounting department.  She can be reached at 443-718-4333 ext. 1051.

Is there a time frame for when payments should be made?

After receiving a quote, payments should be made within five business days to May Guo in our Accounting department. She can be reached at 443-718-4333 ext. 1051.

How can I find out if my device is still under warranty?

A device can be checked for its warranty status by emailing and opening up a ticket. Please include in your email the serial and IMEI numbers for the devices in question. A Service Engineer will be able to help.

Can I attempt to troubleshoot the device(s) myself?

Yes, you can. Please note: any tampering, opening of your device(s) with a tool such as a screwdriver, or any other practices that can damage your device(s) may cancel any outstanding warranties with those device(s). We highly recommend getting in contact with one of our Service Engineers by opening a ticket at They can help you with troubleshooting process steps for your devices with JACS-approved tips. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns for your devices, as earlier preventive measures and practices can help to avert any future damages.

How do I locate the serial number and IMEI numbers on my tablet?

Serial numbers should be 12 digits, while IMEI numbers should be 15 digits.