Our RMA Policy

JACS Service will attempt to resolve the issue via troubleshooting provided through our ticketing system; if the issue cannot be resolved at this level, our technicians will use the information gathered within the ticket to make the determination of issuing an RMA or not.

When an RMA is issued, an RMA number will be provided in the Helpdesk ticket. The customer will receive instructions to include this number with the package as well as paperwork to sign and include with the RMA. As JACS is not responsible for packages lost in transit, we recommend that you use a trackable, insured method of shipping.

RMA Diagnostics

Upon receiving the RMA, JACS Service will update the ticket to confirm that we have received the device(s). Next, JACS Service will perform a thorough evaluation to verify the reported issue in addition to a full diagnostic review of the device itself. Our exhaustive, twenty-two point inspection includes checking all of the key components of the device, including power, network functionality, firmware, camera, and screen fidelity.

Please note that we are only able to provide diagnostics based on the device(s) that have been returned to us. Issues related to faulty vehicle installs, improper usage, and faulty accessories not provided to us may not be detected within our diagnostic process.

Diagnostics are performed free of charge for devices within warranty. Devices outside of warranty are subject to a $50.00 per device diagnosis fee; this $50.00 is credited towards the cost of repairs.

Within / Outside of Warranty Repairs

If a device is within warranty, repairs immediately start following the diagnosis of the device. If your within warranty device requires a repair that is not covered by your warranty, it is treated as an out-of-warranty device.

If a device is out of warranty, JACS Service will reply to the Helpdesk ticket with a quote for the parts, labor, and return shipping, as well as instructions for payment. Please note that repairs are not made until we have received full payment. We strongly advise providing payment as quickly as possible to ensure that repairs are executed swiftly and the device(s) can be returned as soon as possible.

Quality Check

Following the repair, a twenty-two point quality inspection is conducted to ensure that the device is devoid of issues and can return to field use. The device is also cleaned.

Return Shipping

We use FedEx Ground for return shipping. A tracking number will be provided in the Helpdesk ticket.

Tablets that are within warranty are shipped back free of charge.

As stated within our warranty information, out-of-warranty tablets are subject to a return shipping and handling fee. Our shipping rate is $20.00 for the first tablet and $5.00 for each additional tablet. Please know that this fee not only includes the shipping cost, materials, and labor, but also the cleaning of each tablet prior to being returned. This fee applies to the return of any out-of-warranty RMA tablets, whether or not the device was repaired.