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From chronic care to prescription management to virtual visits, telehealth has proven to save money, save time, and save lives. JACS has the tools to help businesses get started with proven technology for all telehealth needs.

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    Technology for Today's Telehealth Needs

    There has been a spike in both the importance and usage of telehealth solutions. Telehealth allows doctors to continually monitor patients with chronic conditions, manage prescriptions, virtually check up on patients, and more, all while keeping patients safe in their homes and healthcare professionals safe in their offices. Whatever the telehealth needs, JACS’ solutions are guaranteed to be secure, cost-effective, and powerful to help you bring visions to life.
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    Instant, Reliable, 4G Internet For Physicians & Patients

    JACS’ TD191 4G LTE USB Dongle provides a secure, easy-to-use, and reliable way to receive instant connectivity for remote patient care. Needing only the Nano-SIM card, the TD191 works across multiple bands for cellular connectivity at 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE speeds. Compact as it is affordable, these plug-n-play dongles are the perfect tool to disseminate across practices, patients, or wherever internet connectivity is needed to treat patients and save lives.

    HIPAA Compliant

    JACS offers the firmware security needed to lockdown devices to protect PHI and achieve HIPAA compliance. We also partner with Asavie, to offer greater network-level security.


    Forget bulky, hard-to-manage equipment. Experience the tool that is powerful and fit in the palm of a hand, with ease-of-use and improved manageability.

    Driverless Installation

    Just plug the dongle into the device USB port for instant Internet access on ChromeOS, Windows, JACS' Android device, and Linux.

    4G LTE Speeds

    Spend more time treating patients and less time buffering with fast, reliable Internet at up to 4G LTE speeds.

    Multi-Device Compatibility

    Leverage this dongle for the tools needed for patients, including Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, hotspot routers and more.

    Extended Storage

    Never run out of the space needed to help patients. Each dongle has a built-in SD Card reader to hold more documents, videos, music, audio, images and more.

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    Powerful Tablet, Endless Possibilities

    JACS’ TT800Q is the perfect tablet for service providers looking to create a robust, sole-purposed, telehealth solution. With endless possibilities, the TT800Q allows you to customize the firmware to include the healthcare applications needed on a tamper-proof interface for added security and control of PHI and patient privacy. The TT800Q is feature-rich to help build a total solution and certified on AT&T’s reliable 4G LTE network to ensure connectivity.

    HIPAA Compliant

    JACS offers the firmware security needed to lockdown devices to protect PHI and achieve HIPAA compliance. We also partner with Asavie, to offer greater network-level security.

    4G LTE Speeds

    Spend more time treating patients and less time buffering with fast, reliable Internet on AT&T's 4G LTE network.


    More durable than consumer-grade, off-the-shelf tablets, with a longer device lifecycle for lower TCO of investment.

    OTG-Enabled & Peripheral Ready

    Easily connect multiple devices including keyboards, mice, printers and more for a complete telehealth solution.

    Additional Accessories

    Protect against all of life's bumps and drops with optional enclosures, screen protectors and cases.


    Add all the applications needed and none that are not. Further customization of wallpapers, launcher, hardware and more available.

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    Store. Secure. Sterilize.

    Extra protection for devices, staff and patients. JACS’ Charging Carts allow for quick charging for a variety of different devices including tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones, Internet devices and more, while securing them behind steel-constructed, mechanical anti-theft doors. Built-in UV sterilization delivers an effective, affordable disinfection method that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses without introducing harmful chemicals to staff and patients.

    UV Sterilization

    Peace-of-mind for physicians, staff, and patients with chemical-free, no-hassle, cost-effective sterilization.


    Compatible with a number of devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, handsets, and more.

    Highly Secure

    Built-in physical security includes cold-rolled steel construction, fire-resistant separators, and anti-theft doors.

    Comprehensive Protection

    Smart Fan Management regulates internal temperature. Charging Carts are equipped with electrical safety features to prevent voltage overloads.

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    Discover how Clear Arch Health used JACS’ TT800Q to build a custom Remote Patient Monitoring and mobile Personal Emergency Response System solution.
    JACS was not just a vendor, but a partner in our success. They helped us overcome challenges unique to our demographic and customer needs. When things got rocky, they went above and beyond to make sure we succeeded.
    Chris Otto Senior Vice President, Clear Arch Health

    Clear Arch Health

    Clear Arch Health provides easy to adopt, turn-key remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions to connect healthcare providers, payers and home care agencies to their patients, members and clients. Clear Arch Health is a partner that simplifies the program delivery to enable our clients to focus on doing what they do best – delivering care.

    JACS and Asavie combine to give you the tools you want with the protection patients need.

    Asavie's AccessMyLAN is a management and security solution for mobile devices. The AccessMyLan solution can be combined with JACS' TD191 and TT800Q devices to deliver a secure environment for medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, and patients on the go to access life-saving information by taking mobile data off the public Internet and making it accessible only by approved devices.

    Data Security

    Protect sensitive personal data such as medical records from malicious actors and ensure it is secure at all times.

    Access Control

    Ensure that only authorized devices can access highly restricted information databases on-premise or in the cloud.

    Content Filtering

    Maximize the productivity of mobile healthcare professionals and improve the quality of service by removing online distractions.

    More Custom Solutions for Healthcare

    JACS offers customizable Touch Displays, Wi-Fi tablets, PoE devices, and more to build comprehensive healthcare solutions to enhance patient care and engagement.

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