Actsoft, Inc. and JACS Solutions Announce New Partnership to Empower the Mobile Healthcare Industry

Actsoft partnership

Tampa, FL — Actsoft, Inc. and JACS Solutions announced a new collaboration, through which they will bring their solutions together in order to boost the security of the mobile healthcare industry.

This partnership promises to be a perfect pairing of like-minded businesses with a common goal: providing reliable safekeeping of confidential customer data on behalf of healthcare providers that need the flexibility of actively working in the field.

“We are excited to join forces with this innovative mobile device manufacturer,” said Kevin Thigpen, Chief Operating Officer at Actsoft. “With their expertise in creating secure smart devices and our HIPAA-compliant mobile management software, we are able to offer on-the-go healthcare providers a joint solution that boosts worker efficiency while keeping customer information strictly confidential.”

“Protecting customers’ data and connectivity are our top priorities,” said Rattana Chay, Vice President of Operations at JACS Solutions, “JACS Solutions has been creating single-purpose devices for many years, for a variety of verticles.  Our devices leverage hardened firmware which provides greater security, visibility, and control of a company’s data. We are excited to partner with Actsoft, Inc. – together, we are redefining mobility security in both hardware and software.”

Through JACS Solutions, mobile healthcare providers will be able to procure top-of-the-line, enterprise-grade smart devices designed specifically with security in mind. When coupled with Actsoft’s field management solution, which underwent rigorous testing to ensure it meets HIPAA security standards, the pair forms a formidable defense against data breaches. With affordable price points for both and the ability to customize features for each customers’ needs, the two are positioned to make waves in the health industry.

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Founded in 1996, Actsoft, Inc. is a leading software development company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They specialize in the production of GPS-based mobile management applications for businesses with workers and vehicles on the go and provide a suite of enterprise solutions through all major wireless carriers to thousands of companies around the world. The company is the recipient of multiple Frost & Sullivan awards and was most recently voted one of Tampa Bay’s Top Workplaces. For more information, visit

JACS Solutions designs and manufactures custom-built, commercial-grade Android and Windows connected devices, touch displays, and industrial IoT solutions. One million JACS products have been deployed in 55+ countries by leaders in healthcare, transportation, retail and more. JACS Solutions differentiates itself by providing customized and affordable hardware and device software. Customers gain peace of mind from highly-secured, single-purposed devices, and achieve lower cost with long product life cycles. For more information, visit