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Mobile healthcare technology, which combines telecommunication and information technologies, has become an essential part of daily operations in hospitals, clinical systems, home health agencies, research labs, and consumer workplaces. JACS Solutions helps achieve by delivering the best technology to healthcare facilities to optimize care environments, offer the right tools, improve patient care and keep costs down.

JACS Solutions’ smart devices, charging carts and customized solutions for healthcare providers help remotely monitor patients’ health, give practitioners the tools they need and integrate seamlessly with diagnostic medical systems. JACS Solutions devices and displays also provide the security you need for protecting PHI and enable you to access the resources to make informed diagnostic decisions for patients.

JACS Solutions Tablets & Displays Are Perfect For:

Remote Patient Monitoring
Electronic Medical Record
Data Collection & Transmission
Healthcare Applications
Patient & Visitor Check-In
Prescription Inventory Management

Custom Healthcare Solutions: The Link Between HIPAA Compliance & Firmware Customization

Download this free white paper to learn how to improve HIPAA compliance requirements and the security of healthcare solutions with custom firmware.

The JACS Approach

Hardware Customization

Looking for a touch solution for patient health records or patient check-in, build a solution to work exactly to suit a facilities' needs with JACS Hardware Customization services. JACS will build devices with full customization options for modes of connectivity (cellular, Wi-Fi, or PoE), operating systems (Android or Windows), memory, processing power, camera, ports and more. JACS Solutions can even personalize with corporate branding.
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Firmware Customization

Security comes first with a JACS touch solutions and customized firmware. Each JACS product is purged of bloatware and consumer-grade applications to ensure devices run faster and are more secure. We can then add and remove the apps of your choice to and from the device, modify Android system settings, create a custom OS launcher, create a configuration-free deployment and much more.
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Interested In Telehealth Technology?

There has been a spike in both the importance and usage of telehealth solutions. Telehealth allows doctors to continually monitor patients with chronic conditions, manage prescriptions, virtually check up on patients, and more, all while keeping patients safe in their homes and healthcare professionals safe in their offices. Whatever your telehealth needs, JACS’ solutions are guaranteed to be secure, cost-effective, and powerful to help you bring your vision to life.

Telemedicine Solutions

At JACS Solutions, we work with our customers to create a wide range of telemedicine solutions, including designing and manufacturing various customized devices, software, and accessories that help healthcare professionals make informed diagnostic decisions remotely.

Our Capabilities

Customized Tablets and Devices

JACS Solutions provides customized medical tablets that can serve as data centers responsible for medical data collection from all other data sources and medical data transmission among different devices.

Wireless Extension Solutions

JACS Solutions also offers wireless extension design and deployment solutions for medical devices, adding wireless features such as 3G, 4G, and WLAN connectivity to devices according to needs.

Discover how Clear Arch Health used JACS to build a custom Remote Patient Monitoring and mobile Personal Emergency Response System solution.
JACS was not just a vendor, but a partner in our success. They helped to overcome challenges unique to our demographic and customer needs. When things got rocky, they went above and beyond to make sure we succeeded.
Chris Otto Senior Vice President, Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health provides easy to adopt, turn-key remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions to connect healthcare providers, payers and home care agencies to their patients, members and clients. Clear Arch Health is a partner that simplifies the program delivery to enable our clients to focus on doing what they do best – delivering care.

Featured Products for Healthcare

TT800Q 4G LTE Tablet

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TT800V 4G LTE Tablet

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TD191 4G LTE USB Dongle

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Android Touch Displays

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Charging Carts

JACS CC3015 Charging Cart
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