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Keep students engaged in learning with device charging and management

Modular charging cart solutions for classroom and remote applications

With the growing adoption of technology devices as a core learning management utility, school system administrators need a solution to keep their smart devices charged, protected, and accessible.

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As more school systems embrace the use of smart devices to supplement educational lessons, faculty and administrators need all-in-one, modular charging solutions that can accommodate multiple device types and brands, from iPads to Chromebooks–and everything in between.

The fast-paced, resource-sharing nature of elementary and secondary education institutions demands a storage and charging unit that can easily move between the classroom and technician setting, with options to handle device updates and provisioning for quick setup and deployment. Additionally, supplying and managing devices in hybrid remote learning settings has placed greater emphasis on preventing the spread of disease by ensuring shared devices are free from germs.

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Laptops, tablets and mobile phones stored inside of JACS solutions charging cart

The JACS Solution

An enterprise-grade custom charging cart with the ability to charge, provision, and sanitize the equipment it holds gives faculty, administrators, and IT professionals the flexibility to control, store, and update their technology devices for both classroom and remote applications.

The JACS Custom Charging Cart supports devices up to 15.7” and comes equipped with smart fan management for proper temperature control and support for a wide range of customizable features, such as compatibility with open and proprietary charging standards. The charging carts also come with smart controls for remote management, including one-step charging and provisioning for all device types, including Apple products. The charging carts are made with industrial-grade materials for physical security and rated to withstand challenging environments, heavy operation, and tampering. All carts have the option of UV sanitization to reduce the risk of infections in all environments.

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