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Enabling ease of use and secure data transfer for remote patient monitoring

Simplifying the interaction between patients and providers.

Healthcare providers have increasingly adopted virtual care platforms to meet the demand for telehealth visits, remote biometric measurement, and virtual collection of symptom or behavioral data outside of traditional medical settings.

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Strains on the healthcare system resulting from a substantial rise in at-home patient populations, the global pandemic, and other factors have greatly increased the demand for virtual care services. The technology solutions required to ensure that those services are provided effectively must be easy to use for patients, securely share data across the healthcare ecosystem, and reduce the costs associated with delivering care.

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The JACS Solution

Providing a secure and reliable internet connection and an optimized user interface for virtual care platforms make it easy for healthcare providers to easily collect and transmit important health information. The TT800Q 4G LTE tablet simplifies the interaction between patients and providers, improving engagement and reducing the costs associated with hospital admissions and readmissions. The device gives patients the ability to self-manage their care, keeps them focused on their health between office visits, enables faster interventions, and improves patient, provider, and payer confidence and satisfaction in the virtual care system.

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