The transporation industry requires real-time responsiveness and reliability in a fast-paced world. Whether your business needs road-ready mobile logistics or navigation, the power of IoT is here to help you get things done. JACS Solutions’ tablets are built tough to handle all types of environments, from the truck dashboard to the warehouse, without the sacrifice of security.

JACS’ touch solutions are perfect for building a secure, locked down tablet or display that’s perfect for all your needs. From fleet management to remote resource management, JACS Solutions will work with you to outfit your business with the right smart device solutions to deliver the best results. Our transporation solutions can also be paired with accessories that will allow hands-free operation, scanning and printing, and even additional casings that will protect your investment from whatever damage the job may bring.

JACS Solutions Tablets & Displays Are Perfect For:

  • Electronic Data Logging
  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle & Asset Tracking
  • Secure, Reliable GPS Navigation
  • Much, much more!

The JACS Approach

Hardware Customization

Off-the-shelf devices take a one-size-fits-all approach that’s not going to work for your business. That’s why JACS Solutions works with you to realize your vision, without compromise. JACS Hardware Customization services lets you customize any device specification that you’d like so that your device is designed to work specifically for you. Customize your mode of connectivy (cellular, Wi-Fi, or PoE), operating system (Android or Windows), memory, processing power, camera, ports, and more. JACS can even further personalize hardware with your company branding to meet your private label needs.

Firmware Customization

Why settle when you can create the firmware that works best for you? JACS Solutions’ unmatched Firmware Customization services begins with locking down the enterprise applications at the Operating System (OS) level. Each JACS product is purged of bloatware and other consumer-grade applications so that your devices run faster and are more secure. The firmware can then be modified to include any specialized applications of your choice. The firmware is then locked to avoid tampering, so that what you get is a purpose-built solution.

Electronic Data Logging

The largest compliance concern today in transportation is also an opportunity: Electronic data logging can decrease errors in reporting and increase logistical efficiency. JACS Solutions locked down 4G LTE and WLAN devices are ideal for real-time data logging, ensuring your compliance and success, all while removing the risks of accidental tampering of data.

Our Capabilities

Secure GPS Navigation

You need devices to navigate routes with real-time GPS mapping, without sacrificing security. JACS Solutions can lock down your device as a sole-purpose navigation and reporting solution, providing all the benefits of a wireless or cellular connection without the typical risks.

Complete Device Branding

JACS Solution offers company-branding in both software and hardware, enabling your organization to promote and elevate your brand awareness to make a positive impression in business.

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