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Extending the life of legacy devices

Planning for 2G/3G network sunsetting with 4G connectivity solutions

The scheduled shutdown of many of the world’s 2G and 3G mobile networks may render many legacy IoT devices inoperable as their ability to connect to the Internet becomes disabled. The potential shutdown creates a significant risk and financial impact to businesses and end users who rely on these devices everyday for critical business functions. Retro-fitting existing legacy equipment with custom 4G connectivity devices reduces or eliminates those concerns by easily and cost-effectively extending their life.

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Users of 2G/3G devices will be forced to switch to 4G and Wi-Fi based products if they are to continue to benefit from their emergency communications, remote monitoring, telematics, and other potentially life-saving applications. Fixed-income individuals, such as the elderly, and companies with large installed bases may incur high replacement costs, major disruptions to critical processes, and risks to personal safety if their devices and applications no longer function as intended.

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JACS White TD191 USB Dongle

The JACS Solution

Business across all verticals, from healthcare to manufacturing, need to protect their assets and maintain operational efficiencies by ensuring their legacy equipment remains connected to deliver information quickly and efficiently for business-critical decision-making. The JACS TD191 4G LTE USB dongle provides the connectivity to keep legacy IoT devices functioning in order to avoid disruptions in service without the potentially prohibitive investment in full replacement. The TD191 is a low-cost product, customizable to integrate with virtually any device, and certified for use on mobile networks globally.

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