Smiling bus driver with connected custom tablet watching as students exit the bus to go home for the day

Powering student transportation solutions

Ensuring rider safety, optimized routing, and operational efficiency.

To ensure the safety of K-12 bus riders, transportation providers, and the districts where they serve require solutions that get students where they need to be as efficiently and safely as possible.

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Aerial shot of public elementary school showing buses with wireless tablet lining up to pick up students


Management and administration of student transportation is uniquely complex, combining the need for rider safety with the logistical challenges of keeping buses on schedule and drivers and fleets operating at peak efficiency. It’s a balancing act that can be quickly disrupted if a student is not properly accounted for or there are delays in sharing information with parents. Though technology can address those concerns, making sure it performs reliably in a vehicle presents additional challenges.

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JACS Solutions TT800V connected tablet with locking dashboard mounted arm accessory

The JACS Solution

Transportation providers are seeking an integrated, comprehensive solution that includes tracking, communication, and alerting tools to keep bus operators, administrators, and parents informed and that reduces the costs associated with delays and inaccuracies in a variety of operational areas.

The TT800V 4G LTE tablet features semi-rugged construction and an in-vehicle accessory bundle to be mounted on a school bus console where it can run a host of applications specifically built for the student transportation industry. Tested to withstand vibration, drops, and extreme temperatures, the TT800V is perfect for student tracking, GPS routing, parent communication, and driver alerting applications in multiple school bus fleets. The TT800V also features extensive peripheral compatibility, perfect for use with RFID badge scanners to gather an accurate identification of riders and their presence on the bus or at a stop.

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