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Automate online order management with connected and reliable food delivery technology

Improving customer experience through efficient off-premise operations

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve in response to the explosion of online ordering, businesses both large and small need responsive and reliable connected devices that seamlessly integrate with delivery, POS, and inventory management systems.

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The convenience and comfort of ordering online—and the expectation of rapid delivery—has created a culture of instant gratification and reward. This is especially the case in the restaurant industry as customers embrace online ordering and contactless delivery. According to a 2022 Consumer Trends Survey by DoorDash, 86% of consumers ordered takeout/pickup as much or more than they did last year, and 83% said the same of delivery orders.

Restaurants need to be nimble in response to this growing expectation of service. However, the costs associated with upgrading entire systems and business operations can make it challenging for companies to quickly adapt to an online-first customer base. In addition to logistics and infrastructure demands, the current labor shortages in the restaurant industry, coupled with food and other cost increases, means shrinking margins for many businesses.

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The JACS Solution

As restaurants and food service providers optimize for delivery and pickup by incorporating apps and online capabilities into day-to-day operations, they need custom-built devices to manage order intake and processing quickly and efficiently and with minimal downtime.

JACS Solutions customizable tablets are the perfect device for POS operations. Our purpose-built tablets can operate on public or private cellular or Wi-Fi networks, making them ideal for large business operations with a network infrastructure in place, as well as smaller restaurants in rural areas with connectivity challenges. The tablets, available in several screen sizes, are customizable at the firmware level to ensure maximum operability and uptime, prioritizing POS and inventory applications to increase responsiveness in communications between the preparer, the kitchen, and the delivery team.

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