Custom Touchscreen Solutions for Business: What You Don’t Know & What It’s Costing You

Touchscreens both large and small have become a huge part of nearly every aspect of our lives. On a personal level, we have our own smartphones and/or tablets. But it doesn’t stop there. There is a touchscreen device in the self-checkout station at the grocery store, the vending machine at the mall, the console in your car, and there are even touchscreens on refrigerators. As touchscreens allow us to interact in new ways with nearly everything around us, businesses, system integrators, and technologists are looking to incorporate more touch devices in more ways and if this sounds like you, then you’ve made it to the right place. Below I’ll break down common things that many don’t know when it comes to a custom touchscreen solution for your business, as well as what it could be costing your organization in time, money, and customer satisfaction.

Custom Solutions Exists

Maybe this one seems like a no-brainer. I’m sure you’re well aware that your organization can purchase a custom tablet or even large-screen touch display, but many don’t. Believing that you have to use consumer-grade devices like Samsung, LG, or Apple, could have you spending way more money than you need to and for a fraction of the functionality. Just think, if the device was built for the young student to do homework and play games, the designer to create, and the executive to read and write emails, was it built specifically for your needs? Nope! And that’s what a custom touchscreen solution can do for your business. Create to your specific needs and requirements.

You Can Customize More Than You Think

At JACS, we like to help our customers bring their visions to life. That means you dream it, and we can make it. So, don’t be afraid to dream. Too often customization gets reduced to a certain color device, or adding a company logo, or maybe even a branded device case, but it’s so much more. You can customize features like the camera, the ports, the frame, even the operating system. You can build your own custom accessories and even create a custom launcher to display your business’s brand.

Big Brand ≠ Big Quality

I’m not here to harp on the big brands. They certainly have a place in the market. It’s called consumer-grade because it’s made for the masses of consumers out there. But your organization is unique, as well as your challenges. Therefore, you need a quality product that’s going to meet your needs time and time again. Not a device that’s biggest selling point is that it’s a household name. Look instead for device durability, longevity, and customer service and support.

There Is A Such Thing As Too Many Features

Yes, too many features. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you want the device that’s going to do everything and more, but “everything” could be costing you thousands of dollars. That’s not to say that you have to give up on the features you need, it just means you don’t have to pay for the ones you don’t. Building a custom touchscreen solution for your business lets you decide what features you want to include and eliminates the rest to make sure your devices run efficiently and securely. Services like firmware customization allow you to add the applications of your choice to your devices, remove all bloatware, and eliminate the potential risks and gateways for malicious activity.

Customized Saves You Money

You may be thinking there is no way custom solutions can save you money. Building an entire solution from scratch has got to cost a lot of money, right? Wrong. Custom solutions can actually save your business money across the total cost of ownership. Custom solutions offer lower maintenance costs, fewer downtime costs, longer lifecycles, and leave you with lots of remaining value.