JACS Solutions Announces AT&T Certification for 10” Android Tablet

JACS Solutions, a global provider of custom mobility solutions for industrial and enterprise Internet-of-Things applications, today announced its 4G LTE 10” Android tablet is certified to operate on the AT&T network.

The TT1001 touchscreen Android tablet features a semi-rugged design to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy use in harsh conditions. It includes both front and rear facing cameras and support for GPS location services and Bluetooth connectivity.

AT&T device certification is a rigorous network certification and verification procedure performed on connectivity devices to verify they are compliant with its network and to ensure high performance and quality.

“JACS Solutions values its partnership with AT&T and is excited to extend its product offerings on the network,” said Dr. Chang-gang Zhang, Vice President of Technology. “AT&T is a leader in network speed and reliability across North America, and we are honored to continue working with them to offer intelligent connectivity solutions to their subscribers.”

This is the third JACS Solutions device to have earned AT&T certification. The two other AT&T certified devices are the TT800Q, an 8” 4G LTE Android tablet and the TD191, a USB dongle that enables 4G LTE connectivity.

About JACS Solutions

JACS Solutions Inc. partners with enterprise customers to make strategic technology investments in digital transformation, automation, and workflow modernization initiatives. JACS builds and deploys connected devices and integrated solutions that make essential business operations smarter, more reliable, and more efficient by reducing risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent with off-the-shelf, consumer-grade products.