Dictum Health Leverages JACS Solutions to Deliver Remote Patient Care Solutions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctor working on tablet at reception desk in the hospital during coronavirus pandemic

Columbia, MD, September 8, 2020 – Numerous hospitals and care facilities are seeking to improve and/or extend their care management services with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) or Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiatives as a means to reduce unnecessary exposure to the COVID-19 virus and enhance the post-acute care of recently discharged COVID-19 and other high-risk patients. As hospitals aspire to remotely monitor their patients to avoid unnecessary complications, emergency department visits, and rehospitalizations, Dictum Health’s eVER-HOME solution is on the front lines helping them do so.

The eVER-HOME is an FDA-registered enhanced RPM and CCM platform for patient home use. The eVER-HOME streams test data in real-time to Care Central, Dictum Health’s data management portal for clinicians, for easy monitoring and assessment by designated care teams. With dozens of hospitals trusting the eVER-HOME to meet the care needs of both patients and clinicians during such an unprecedented time, Dictum Health needs a hardware partner that they can trust to deliver time and time again. The hardware at the core of their eVER-HOME patient kit is none other than JACS Solutions’ TT800Q 4G LTE tablet.

Dictum Health, a telehealth innovator and solution provider, helps care teams connect with their patients and manage their care from any location using their innovative Virtual Exam Room (VER) technology. Dictum Health’s fully integrated telehealth platform includes point of care telehealth devices linked with its Care Central cloud-based telehealth management platform to equip care teams to engage with and support patients at any stage of their healthcare needs from incident, to hospital, to rehab, and home recovery.

JACS Solutions couples industry-leading hardware and firmware customization to help organizations like Dictum Health create robust, sole-purposed healthcare solutions. JACS’ TT800Q is built with solutions like the eVER-HOME in mind. Configured for security with locked-down firmware and a tamper-proof interface to meet HIPAA compliance and other data security needs, customizable to meet branding needs, and cost-effective, the TT800Q was the ideal tablet to power Dictum Health’s RPM application. The TT800Q sports an impressive list of specifications that make eVER-HOME features like their video conferencing, Bluetooth connectivity, and a large assortment of connected medical peripherals possible.

Pleased with the partnership’s success, Kim Hobbs, Dictum Health’s VP of Engineering said “we chose JACS Solutions as our technology partner for our eVER-HOME solution because we needed a competent team that knows how to customize a reliable and secure tablet hardware solution for our patient care and monitoring solution. Having a robust hardware and software solution for our provider organizations is so critical to delivering consistent, predictable care programs that are manageable at scale.”

About JACS Solutions

JACS Solutions designs and manufactures custom-built, commercial-grade Android and Windows connected devices, touch displays, and industrial IoT solutions. One million JACS products have been deployed in 55+ countries by leaders in healthcare, transportation, retail, and more. JACS Solutions differentiates itself by providing customized and affordable hardware and device software. Customers gain peace of mind from highly secured, single-purposed devices, and achieve lower cost with long product life cycles. Visit www.jacs-solutions.com

About Dictum Health

Dictum Health is transforming the way telehealth is delivered to provide the Next Evolution in the Continuum of Care. Dictum Health’s Virtual Exam Room (VER) telehealth technology provides immediate access to clinical care through a virtual exam, where clinicians remotely connect to patients using video conferencing and simultaneous viewing of vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images for immediate assessment and clinical decisions. Our solutions enable providers to treat, consult, monitor, and manage even their most at-risk patients from virtually anytime, anywhere. Visit www.dictumhealth.com.