Increasing Sales and Satisfaction with Custom Line Busting Solutions

As we progress through the first quarter of the new year, the shopping struggles of the recent holiday season are becoming a faint memory. However, the stress of long lines at the drive-thru and department stores is far from behind any of us. For retailers, stressful lines can drive time-crunched customers out the line, out the door, and worse, over to a competitor. Insert “line busting”, a phrase that’s been growing in popularity in recent years for its ability to shorten or eliminate checkout lines. If you’ve been considering a line busting solution to help your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll break down what line busting is, what your business needs to get started, and why you need a custom retail device. Because when you create a custom line busting solution, you can increase sales and satisfaction among your valued customers.

Line Busting Explained

Line busting shortens or eliminates checkout lines by allowing customers to swap standing in line for paying in a separate area. Typically, this is done in two ways. Either via a mobile Point-of-Sale (PoS) system that is leveraged on a handheld device or a self-checkout kiosk solution. Whichever you choose, line busting is the most effective way to combat long, time-consuming checkout lines. They can also improve the customer experience and overall satisfaction, because happy customers are returning customers. Meaning more revenue for your business.

Getting Started

Your checkout lines have been overwhelming, to say the least. As a result, you’ve witnessed the frustration on your customers’ faces too many times. You’ve watched customers abandon their carts and head for the door and grown tired of apologizing for the long wait. Line busting is exactly what your business needs and there are two areas to focus on for proper execution.

1. Resources

A successful, mobile, line busting solution needs adequate staff. This includes staff dedicated to supporting line busting, those dedicated to the main checkout line(s), and proper in-store assistance. Should you want to include a kiosk solution, your store needs adequate space to dedicate to checkout. You’ll also want to make sure this area can accommodate staff to assist customers.

2. A Suitable PoS System

The next area of focus is a suitable PoS system. While your specific needs will dictate your exact solution, you’ll want to be able to deliver on three major capabilities. Mobility, kiosks and displays, and integration across all devices.

3. Mobility Is Key

PoS systems that offer a tablet-based option are the only way to get staff in the lines and “busting” them. Mobile systems allow staff to meet customers where they are to take payment. They also have benefits on the sales floor by allowing staff to check inventory.

4. Kiosks & Displays

A PoS system that can be leveraged by kiosks and displays offers incredible value to your business. In some cases, they can eliminate a line by allowing customers to order at the kiosk and shop for additional items while they wait.

5. Seamless Integration

Last, you need a PoS system that allows for seamless integration across all devices. Effective integration allows you to manage orders, transactions, inventory, and more in real-time. Thus, improving efficiency, saving time, and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction.

Leveraging Custom Line Busting Solutions

You know what line busting is, you know you need it, and you know what to look. Let’s take it a step further into building your solution, because your custom line busting solution is only as good as the hardware you run it on.

A custom tablet will allow you to take full ownership of your entire PoS solution. Do you need a custom barcode scanner built-in, or a custom operating system to run your PoS software? Have you given any thought to specific ports to operate peripherals like a receipt printer? A custom hardware solution can help you do all of this and more. You can even ruggedize your solution so that it can withstand the bumps and drops on the sales floor. You can also customize larger screen displays to build the perfect kiosk solution.

1. Hardware Customization

Hardware customization includes your device’s operating system, memory, frame, casing, camera, ports, branding, etc. You can also create custom accessories to accommodate your devices like docks, mounts, enclosures, hand strands, and more. You dream it, and it can be done. As such, custom line busting solutions help with the seamless integration of all your tablets. They also help with integrating new technology with legacy equipment and acquiring unique features and capabilities.

2. Firmware Customization

Your custom line busting solution doesn’t just end at the hardware. You can also customize your firmware to provide additional benefits to your solution, including unbeatable security and customization. Firmware customization is perfect for sole-purposing. Your devices will only run the applications that are necessary for the tasks at hand. This is why custom line busting solutions provide longer lifecycles that boost your investment and save money. Additionally, firmware customization will remove bloatware, restrict application installation, provide a custom OS launcher, and can also include a custom boot screen, logo, wallpaper, and buttons, all while providing way more security than an off-the-shelf solution.