JACS Solutions drone aerial view of two trucks driving with data tracking graphic overlay.

Optimize operations in transportation and logistics

Integrating technology into daily fleet operations

Fleet managers continue to drive change in traditional transportation and logistics business models with technology solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, protect assets, and ensure compliance.

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Semi trucks waiting to enter shipping yard to deliver cargo. Cranes are in the distance.


Fleet managers have recognized the need to integrate technology into their daily operations, such as electronic logging, GPS tracking, and inspection and maintenance scheduling. However, finding a device purpose-built to meet—and survive—the demands of the environmental conditions of the road is a growing challenge. Few, if any, off-the-shelf smart devices offer the flexibility and build quality needed to manage fleet and personnel on the road.

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Truck driver using JACS Solutions TT800V rugged tablet to log delivery route data.

The JACS Solution

A semi-rugged, fully functional customized tablet solution gives both drivers and fleet managers a reliable smart device that seamlessly and securely integrates with their vehicles and operations.

The TT800V Verizon 4G LTE Android Tablet provides reliable network connectivity in an enterprise-grade, semi-rugged design that can withstand environmental conditions such as vibration, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. It employs an automotive-grade GPS for route planning and vehicle tracking and is designed to work with a multitude of peripherals to help monitor safe driving and provide real-time reporting of vehicle maintenance issues.

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