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Mobile workstation for warehouses and distribution centers

Use technology to manage essential operations from anywhere.

Using smart devices in warehouses and distribution centers enables companies to share large amounts of data quickly and easily across a variety of connected platforms, leading to real-time, informed decision-making that improves operations, reduces downtime, and increases onsite safety and security.

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Manager holding tablet while overseeing a production line


Finding the right smart device technology to operate in warehouses and distribution centers can be challenging. Proximity to heavy machinery, excessive daily use, and other environmental stresses result in a device failure rate of nearly 20%, according to a study by industry leader Ivanti. Many off-the-shelf devices currently on the market today developed for these strenuous conditions offer limited functionality and do not meet the needs of the industry.

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TT800V Tablet with JACS Solutions logo on blue background

The JACS Solution

A semi-rugged, fully functional customized tablet solution gives workers a mobile virtual workstation to manage essential operations, such as counting and tracking inventory, receiving real-time analytics, and operating or maintaining machinery—from any location.

The TT800V Verizon 4G LTE Android Tablet provides reliable network connectivity in an enterprise-grade, semi-rugged design that can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy use in harsh conditions. It employs a GPS for tracking and is designed to work with a multitude of peripherals such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, biometric devices, and vehicles.

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