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Internet connectivity for remote patient monitoring

Secure and reliable connections for medical devices.

As the doctor-patient relationship continues to move outside of traditional settings, secure and reliable Internet connectivity of medical devices for remote patient monitoring is critical.

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Patients must regularly share vital data with their doctors in order to effectively treat medical conditions. However, patients may experience challenges with reliable transportation, conflicts with other priority commitments, or lack of familiarity with technology. Successful care relies on the patient’s and doctor's ability to communicate easily and securely.

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The JACS Solution

A plug-and-play solution that is easy to use, affordable, and offers wireless connectivity is required for healthcare providers to access data they need to make informed decisions to effectively care for their patients.

The HIPAA-compliant TD191 LTE USB Dongle provides a high-speed wireless connection to medical devices and systems, allowing them to securely transmit data and Personal Health Information (PHI).

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