Woman in home office working on project management software while connected to the TD0301 modem

Accelerate your productivity

Create an environment that connects employees, customers, and the office in the comfort of the home.

For many organizations, the introduction of remote work into daily operations was necessitated by the global pandemic. But as companies saw the benefits of extending working environments beyond traditional brick and mortar facilities, many have made the decision to permanently offer and support work-from-home options for their teams.

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Today’s distributed workplaces rely on fast, secure, and widely-available internet connectivity to keep productivity levels high whether team members are in a major metro area or in home offices where broadband coverage may be limited. But once access is assured, corporate IT teams must manage the users, devices, and applications that connect to company resources. Ensuring company security, managing infrastructure or hardware costs, optimizing bandwidth are all challenges under new business models.

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Man working remotely with a TD0301 modem. Using laptop in his house while looking out his window.

The JACS Solution

Both the remote/hybrid workforce and the organizations themselves depend on reliable, secure, and easily accessible internet connectivity to make work-from-home successful.

The TD0301 4G LTE USB Hotspot provides reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity to remote workers even in rural and remote locations where access may be a challenge. The TD0301 is fully customizable, allowing complete control over access to applications and system settings, ensuring security and compliance requirements are met. In addition, the TD0301 works with virtually any major network operator so deployment and re-use of devices is easy and cost-effective.

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