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A flexible virtual learning solution

Extending educational opportunities in remote or hybrid classroom settings.

Educational systems and institutions need cost-effective, easy-to-deploy virtual learning solutions that offer equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds and that address unforeseen changes in the way education is delivered.

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Elementary school student doing classwork remotely from home following a teacher presentation on a tablet


The global pandemic has had a profound impact on both K-12 and secondary education, forever changing the classroom experience as we know it.

Though the growth in virtual learning was borne out of necessity, it demonstrated technology’s ability to bridge the digital divide in education by proving that learning can occur virtually anywhere. However, the delay in deployment of institutional-wide virtual learning solutions exposed shortcomings in the educational system’s ability to prepare for a rapid, cost-efficient roll-out.

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JACS TD301 Modem

The JACS Solution

JACS recognized the need for a reliable wireless connectivity device that teachers and students can use to remotely engage in online learning, access resources and lesson plans, and perform essential administrative responsibilities.

The TD0301 4G LTE USB Hotspot delivers secure high-speed internet connectivity, even in rural and remote locations where access may be a challenge, and its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use anywhere. The TD0301 is fully customizable, allowing complete control over access to applications and system settings, ensuring security and compliance requirements, such as CIPA, are met.

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