Overview of Google Analytics Metrics And Dimensions

What are metrics in Google Analytics?

A Google Analytics metrics are units of information that tell you how some aspect of your business performed during a specific timeframe.

What are dimensions in Google Analytics?

Basically, dimensions are criteria that your metrics are measured against. So, instead of just measuring Sessions, you could measure Sessions (metric) by Country (dimension).

While there are thousands of metrics and dimensions you can track, here are some of the common Google Analytics metrics used in reporting:

  • Sessions: Measure the volume of visits to your website.
  • Pageviews: Measure the total number of pages viewed on your website.
  • Users: Measures unique visitors to your website.
  • Engagement: Measures any session or view that has engaged in some activity on your site, such as scrolling, clicking, or playing an embedded video.
  • Engagement Rate: A calculated metrics which shows the percentage of sessions on your site that have engaged in your content in some way.
  • Engagement Time: Numeric value displayed as a duration showing how long someone has been engaging on your site since they visited.
  • Source: Where your website’s traffic comes from. Usually noted as another site, it is grouped into common terms such as search engines, social media, or direct (meaning people visited your site directly through a known URL).
  • Conversions: A predetermined value that marks an event as successful. For example, if your goal is to have visitors come to your site and fill out a form, you can classify that event as a conversion.