JACS Wi-Fi Tablets

Designed for versatility, JACS Solutions' Android Wi-Fi Tablets are well-suited to fit the needs across industries. Wi-Fi Tablets are ideal as a portable or stationary solution where a wireless LAN network is the choice of connectivity.

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You Design It, We Build It

Gain a competitive advantage by customizing the device hardware and firmware to transform the tablet into a purpose-built business device. Enable face-to-face meetings with Enhanced Real-Time FPS video chat capability. The JACS Engineering Team works to accommodate unique adapter and connectivity environments to optimize the performances of connected devices.

Push Firmware and APK Updates Remotely

Keep applications and device security updated and uncompromised using JACS Solutions firmware and APK push service. We assist in pushing out APK updates or updating devices' firmware remotely if the application is locked down in the custom firmware.

Video Conference Capability

Break down distance barriers with video chat and enhanced real-time FPS. Reduce miscommunication and increase productivity of business thanks to real-time, face-to-face interaction.

Lockdown Security with Customized APKs

Data security is important to us. For protection, we offer the ability to restrict software installation (APKs) and secure the tablet Bootloader, customized to individual security and business needs.

Customize Your Wi-Fi® Tablets

Hardware Customization

Off-the-shelf not meeting the need? Let JACS Solutions Hardware Customization help. Modify nearly any hardware component of your Wi-Fi tablet including mode of connectivity (cellular or Wi-Fi), memory, processing power, camera, ports and more. We can even personalize the Wi-Fi Tablets with corporate branding.

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Firmware Customization

Our Firmware Customization services allow businesses to add and remove the apps to and from the system partition, modify Android system settings, and even create a custom OS launcher.

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