Exchange Program FAQ

To maintain the highest quality and efficiency of our services and technical support, we have established a new exchange program for all TT800V2 tablets. Through this limited time program, any devices eligible for an RMA will be replaced with a new tablet at no additional cost.

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the new exchange program. If you don’t see your question listed below, please reach out. We’re happy to help. We also recommend reviewing the Technical Support section of our general FAQ page for more information on our support services and the RMA process.

Common Questions

The program is based on supply availability. JACS has allocated a budget of new TT800V2 tablets for the program, and once they are depleted the program is subject to discontinue or change.

No. If your device is under warranty, you will only be responsible for return shipping. 

However, be advised that all defective devices are reviewed by our service technicians, and depending on the result of the damage, you may incur additional charges.

For more details on the RMA process and the charges associated with it, please contact

Yes. We will honor all out of warranty devices sent in for repair with a new TT800V2 tablet.

However, please note that you will be responsible for all parts, labor, and shipping costs associated with your out-of-warranty devices. In addition, all out-of-warranty device RMAs are subject to a one-time diagnostic charge.

For more details on the RMA process and the charges associated with it, please contact

No. Your new tablet will inherit the remaining life of your current warranty on the returned device. If your device is out-of-warranty, we will guarantee the new tablet for 30 days.

Yes. The fees for RMA processing and repair remain unchanged. The only change to the process is the option of receiving a new TT800V2 tablet instead of having to wait for your existing one(s) to be repaired.

Depends. Because you are receiving a brand new tablet, the serial number and IMEI will be different. We will provide you with the new product information upon shipment and update your record automatically to reflect this.

We also offer the option to inherit the serial number and/or IMEI of your existing TT800V by replacing device components and labeling so that it matches your original device.

No. Older TT800V products are no longer offered by JACS, and due to the substantial differences in the device versions, we cannot offer an exchange for them. If you are interested in purchasing the TT800V2, please contact

No. Customers are welcome to send us as many damaged or defective TT800Vs in their inventory for exchange with a new one.