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JACS Firmware Customization services means business never has to settle for less. Off-the-shelf devices offer very basic features and capabilities because they are built for mass production and not to fit unique needs. At JACS, we do it better with business customizations in mind. JACS Solutions offers unmatched firmware customization to deliver a purpose-built device that’s going to get the job done.

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How It's Done

JACS Solutions’ approach to firmware customization begins with locking down the enterprise applications at the Operating System (OS) level. This allows JACS to not only provide better security and longer lifecycles but also include just the applications that are necessary for the tasks the device needs to complete. Firmware customization allows for the adding and removing of apps to and from the system partition, modifing Android system settings, and creating a custom OS launcher while enhancing security and creating a configuration-free deployment. The final result, a custom Android or Windows operating system or firmware image to meet specific needs. JACS’ full firmware customization includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Removal of bloatware and other unwanted apps for faster processing and minimized vulnerabilities
  • Installation of apps to the system partition to avoid removal or modification, enhancing performance
  • Application installation restrictions for greater security
  • Manipulation of default Android system settings to better fit the needs
  • Custom OS launcher which can lock device into “kiosk mode” to prevent unauthorized access
  • Custom boot screen, logo, wallpaper and buttons can be displayed
  • Loading of custom firmware onto each device/display before it’s shipped for configuration-free deployment
  • System modification to provide better security from the application layer down to Android kernel security

Our Process

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    During the Discovery phase, a JACS Solutions Account Manager and Sales Engineer will work with to determine the exact specifications of the touchscreen, display or tablet, including both the hardware and firmware needs. The Discovery team will be able to make recommendations and answer any questions to help build the best solution.

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    The JACS Solutions’ Research & Development team will receive the device specifications and determine the feasibility of each requirement. From here, either approval or denial of each requested specification will be determined. Should any specifications be denied, the project will then re-enter the Discovery phase. We will continue to work with to create the custom solution that works best.

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    Statement of Work

    Once the customer and the JACS Solutions’ Research & Development team agree on all technical requirement details and how they are realized, all requirements are summarized in a statement of work (SOW) document. This document will be developed and submitted for review and a signed approval. This signed document will initiate the development of the custom-built solutions.

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    Development & Validation

    The Development & Validation phase is where we get busy making solutions exactly to specifications. Once we have created the requested devices, we will send a sample devices for testing. After confirming that they meet requirements, additional devices will be created and ready to ship, fully-loaded and ready to deploy.

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JACS' Firmware Customization Vs. MDM


Level of Security

MDM locks down the device at the application layer, leaving the device backdoor open and exposed to vulnerabilities.

Need for Connectivity

MDM functions through an online platform to remote configure and retrieve the device status. Any disruption to online connectivity will cause issues.

Engineering Resource

MDM requires you to have dedicated engineering resources to manage the MDM solution.

JACS Custom Firmware

JACS locks down the device at the kernel layer and can be locked down all the way up to the application layer. This closes the backdoor and removes workarounds.

JACS performs device firmware lockdown on each device prior to shipping. Once the devices are deployed, there is no need for remote management and constant check up.

JACS removes the need for dedicated engineers, saving time and money.

Why Custom Build?

Highly Secure

Off-the-shelf devices, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions usually lack the required protection and oversight. With the ability to offer a higher level of control over the Android source code, JACS can exclude elements of the OS that will introduce vulnerabilities and security risks to the overall solution. This is a more secure approach than traditional mobile device management (MDM) where enterprise applications are placed in the user partition of the device which still leaves the device open to common security vulnerabilities.

Easy Deployment

Configuring each device is time and resource consuming. By customizing the firmware at the OS level, it eliminates the need to set up each device manually. Every device is ready to be deployed out of the box, saving time and money.

Controlled User Experience

When your device firmware is built from the ground up with you in mind, it provides a more straightforward and controlled user experience. Users are also unlikely to access unwanted apps or trigger unwarranted data usage.

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