Remote Software Management

You took the time to build the perfect solution, now it's time to manage it. Maintain devices with JACS remote device management services including firmware and application management. JACS allows for control of everything from when updates are issued, to where they are issued, data usage and much more.

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Remote Firmware Management

JACS' cloud-based, remote firmware management service keeps hundreds of thousands of purpose-built devices easily and securely updated. Through the use of Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, JACS manages and pushes firmware updates with new features and issues fix patches and proprietary software updates remotely to the devices in the field, offering:
  • Insight into device inventory including software versions, deployment regions, activated devices and more.
  • Device management based on device ID (IMEI and SN), device groups or across large scale campaigns.
  • Sophisticated reports and analytics to help manage devices.
  • Failsafe operating system (OS) upgrades across secure connections and prevent devices from being “bricked”.
  • Update progress and configuration control to include the requirement of user permissions, time of updates, region of updates, unattended/attended updates, and the use of network data.

Remote Application Management

JACS' Remote Application Management service offers unlimited application updates and is self-managed by the customer. It is well suited for customers who don't require a custom-built firmware and have the internal resources to maintain the system. With Remote Application Management, control the timing and frequency of applications' updates and full access to reporting.
  • Perform unattended remote application install and uninstall, starting applications, opening designated browser links and sending files to devices.
  • Manage devices based on device ID (IMEI or SN), device groups or across large scale campaigns.
  • Monitor the application and device deployment status.
  • Ensure operations success via failsafe mechanism that automatically redeploy or reactivate.
  • Control update progress and configuration to include time of updates, region of updates, unattended updates and the use of network data.

Cloud-Based Secure Network

JACS' Cloud-Based Secure Network is designed to provide identification, authorization and route traffic to the designated server directly. The cloud analyzes traffic and only allows legitimate users to gain access. Any traffic that the cloud does not approve is blocked from accessing the servers. This implementation is more secure and efficient than traditional security methods in which servers themselves would determine access. In such cases, the servers get overwhelmed and may shutdown, block both good and bad traffic and render service unavailable.

By utilizing Cloud-based Director as the first ingress, we isolate the servers and services from authentication/authorization as first-level access, alleviating server load. In combining CDN technology, we are able to provide:

  • A stable and robust service with multiple redundancies that can be trusted thanks to the well-designed and carefully maintained backend infrastructure.
  • Data security and user privacy. Security controls are constantly being updated and implemented to protect against unauthorized access, data loss and misuse. Data is 100% safe with our server.

Smart DIFF Technology

The FOTA upgrade process at JACS is uniquely efficient, enabled by the Smart DIFF technology.

When the latest firmware, OS, application, and setting configuration updates are delivered over-the-air, JACS sends only the difference between the original version and the updated version, making the process much quicker and less data-intensive. No user data is manipulated in the process.

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