JACS Solutions Launches Customizable AT&T Certified 4G LTE Tablet

JACS Solutions is pleased to announce the launch and availability of its latest cellular-enabled 4G LTE tablet. TT800Q 8” Android Tablet is an AT&T-certified tablet and operates on both the AT&T’s 4G LTE and 3G GSM networks. It is the first mobile device JACS Solutions offers since it became an official AT&T supplier. TT800Q is available through AT&T enterprise channels as well as through resellers of JACS Solutions, and it can be purchased directly from JACS Solutions.

TT800Q is well suited as a cost-effective solution to meet businesses needs in M2M initiatives for healthcare providers, retailers and more. Equipped with the latest Android operating system 7.1, the TT800Q can be transformed into a purpose-built, securely locked down dedicated business tool. Enterprise customers can further demand customized settings, branding and application configuration on the device to meet their individual needs. Also, TT800Q will be supported by JACS MDM-Lite service that allows the customers’ apps to be remotely and quickly updated.

So far, TT800Q has already been integrated into a number of remote patient monitoring and patient wellness systems via JACS Solutions’ partnerships with healthcare providers. These patient-facing systems combine our partners’ cutting-edge healthcare applications with the TT800Q as the hardware. All patient data is secured at the highest level of the device, making the system interface tamper-proof.

“We are very excited to offer our latest 4G LTE product addition to our business customers,” says Steel Liu, CEO of JACS Solutions. “More businesses are demanding secured and customizable mobile device solutions. JACS ability to offer the highest level of security on our devices and to customize both the hardware and the software according to customers’ needs is much helping our enterprise customers achieve their goals.”

For more information about TT800Q, and to learn how JACS Solutions customization capabilities can help your IoT and M2M initiatives, visit www.jacs-solutions.com

About JACS Solutions:

JACS Solutions leads in providing customized and secured smart device solutions for enterprises in the mobile enterprise, M2M, and IoT fields. We design, manufacture, and deliver end-to-end support to enterprise-grade tablets, Android displays, and customized industry solutions. Close to 1 million JACS devices have been deployed in the U.S. and around the world.