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Customizable CBRS Platforms

End-to-end Private LTE solutions to enable secure IoT and edge computing.

Optimizing your smart infrastructure means implementing the technologies most suited to run your business- and mission-critical IoT or mobile applications. A Private LTE solution that incorporates fully-customizable network infrastructure equipment and CBRS-enabled devices can address even the most complex connectivity needs and the operational challenges.

JACS Solutions has the in-house expertise to build and deploy customized Private LTE solutions that are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Unlock the full potential of your network with CBRS technology that offers zero-downtime and high-speed connectivity in the toughest environments.

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Gain complete control over your network with device authentication through SIM card or eSIM technology.

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Empower your workforce and your equipment with CBRS-ready technology solutions customizable at the hardware and firmware level.

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Engineer using augmented reality overlay with a custom tablet to monitor remote controlled machinery


Business Critical IoT Applications

Deliver last-mile and fixed wireless connectivity to facilities, fleet vehicles, and other infrastructure in venues ranging from hospitals and educational institutions to industrial plants, secure offices, and airports with Private LTE devices and technology.

Bring your entire IoT ecosystem to life with enterprise- wide cellular coverage, SIM-based authentication of connected devices, and QoS controls to prioritize data traffic in applications such as surveillance, GPS-enabled fleet management and routing, asset tracking, and customer support.

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Secure Mobile Edge Computing

Empower your staff and your equipment at the edge of your network by providing fast and reliable access to computing power and resources to work efficiently, while maintaining a high level of security with complete control over device connectivity and authentication.

Machine-to-machine and peer-to-peer communication between portable, fixed, and wearable devices can be enabled with plug-and-play solutions that are customizable at the hardware and firmware level to meet the specific needs of the enterprise user.

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Customer Support and Enablement

Provide the optimum user experience by engaging and supporting customers intelligently, efficiently, and securely.

JACS enables bi-directional and one-way communication solutions in a virtually unlimited number of form factors and configurations. Our fully-customized tablet and touchscreen solutions—and the kiosks or enclosures on which they’re mounted—allow you to inform and notify customers with digital signage and interactive content or run point-of-sale, check-in, and communication applications over a Private LTE network.

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Traveler stands at a kiosk at the airport to print ticket and process checked baggage

Use Case

Powering Secure Self-Service Kiosks in Terminals

Learn how secure and dependable touchscreen solutions are wirelessly connecting travelers, security, and staff on Private LTE networks to streamline the ever-changing workflows of modern travel.

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