General Questions

What wireless providers are your devices certified by?

JACS TT800V tablet was certified by Verizon Wireless. The TT800Q tablet is certified by AT&T. Besides these, JACS also offers Wi-Fi® rugged and non-rugged devices. For device info, click here.

Besides devices, what other products does JACS provide?

JACS provides devices, accessories, and customization services for hardware and device firmware.

When I place an order, how can I track my order to see when it will arrive?

We will provide you with a tracking number when the order ships, but you can also track your order at

Questions About Devices

What operating systems do JACS devices run on?

Most of JACS devices run Android (5 and later versions). We also have devices that run Windows IOT.

How can I tell which software version I have and how do I get the most recent and updated version?

Since most of our devices run Android, attempt the following: open your device and go to settings > About device > Kernel version. The most updated software version will be provided through our Over- The- Air (OTA) services either manually or automatically, depending on the customer’s preference.

Do you customize device hardware?

All the devices in the Product list are standardized products that have been tested or certified. These are the core products JACS provides and services. We do, on a case-by-case basis, provide customized hardware depending on the sizes of opportunities and the level of development efforts.

What warranties are available for JACS devices?

All JACS devices come with one year standard manufacturer’s limited warranty. We do offer other premium warranties and insurance as well via JACS Device Protection Plans. You can learn more here.

Questions About Services

Which OS can you customize?

We can customize firmware for all JACS devices that run the Android OS. We can also customize Windows IOT.

Can I use MDM on JACS devices?

Yes, you can use third-party MDM on JACS devices to manage customers’ applications.

Do your devices come with Google Management Services?

TT800V (Verizon 4G LTE) has two firmware versions you can choose from: one with Google Management Services (GMS) and one without. The GMS version allows you to support customers whose core business applications rely on GMS to function. Commercial MDMs can be used to manage applications in this case. You have the option to order the non-GMS version that allows JACS to lock down the customers’ applications in the device firmware.

Which OS does JACS Remote Device Management Service work on?

JACS Remote Device Management Service works on Android devices. It can remotely push application changes to the device.